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Fiber fault finding

The OTDR II (optical time domain reflectometer) from Ideal Networks has been designed for fault finding on fiber cabling on both single-mode and multi-mode fiber networks. OTDR II delivers accurate test data and pass/fail results, and offers automated fault-finding capabilities that help to minimize network downtime. Specially developed to simplify testing and troubleshooting, the OTDR II includes Ideal Networks’ intelligent optical link mapper (iOLM). This functionality turns complicated graphs into a diagram that displays all events along the link with pass/fail results. The automated system’s advanced algorithms also prevent

common OTDR testing challenges, such as wrong OTDR traces. Designed to be easy to use, technicians can use iOLM to locate and identify faults with optimum efficiency and with no need for complex training or support. It also includes powerful reporting software which can be used to create and customize reports to meet business requirements. As a solution for contractors, the versatile OTDR II offers a single unit solution for multiple network testing. Handheld and lightweight, the tablet-style tester is rugged enough to be used in any environment and offers an outdoor-enhanced touchscreen with icon-based functions and intuitive Windows-like operation.

wiredInUSA - August 2016


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