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TECHNOLOGY High quality drill pipe and coupling connections for extreme requirements

met and the oil deposits safely tapped. In addition to premium threads, API and GOST threads are used. “The API and GOST thread types are for less demanding tasks. However, the production of these threads is also subject to strict quality requirements,” explained Horn product manager Matthias Götze. So-called sour service pipes with premium threads can withstand aggressive and corrosive substances such as hydrogen sulphide or sulphuric acid. The large deposits near the Arctic Circle can only be tapped using premium threads developed especially for the harsh conditions and special high-strength, high-alloy pipe materials able to withstand the large temperature fluctuations. In the offshore sector on production platforms, the premium threads help to ensure that the production strings can withstand high intensity movement over the long term. Drilling does not always take place vertically, but has to change direction

WORKING in the oil drilling industry is not for the faint-hearted – handling the drill head with lashing chains, casing pipes weighing tons and the deafening noise all demand a lot from the workers. At the same time, the strenuous work makes it difficult for onlookers to imagine that the drill pipes and couplings are made using precision technology to µ-accuracy. The economical production of gas-tight threads requires a great deal of expertise and precise interaction between machine and tool. SMS group offers this combination using stable RMG coupling threading machines and tool systems from Paul Horn GmbH. In tough conditions, oil riggers do not wear kid gloves when screwing together drill pipes. Consequently, the threads have an average service life of five tightening cycles. During these cycles, a gas-tight connection between the pipes and couplings must be ensured. Only with premium threads meeting the highest ISO-13679 standard can the diverse and complex requirements be

for geological reasons. OCTG drill pipes with premium threads also have to withstand these enormous challenges. Productive and economical thread production requires a stable machine and a rigid tool system, as the materials to be machined are high-strength and difficult-to-cut steels. “The materials to be processed always depend on the required pipe grade. There are steels that are easier to machine, but we always talk about heavy-duty machining when it comes to thread production,” explained Benjamin Henkel, sales manager cold finishing long products at SMS group. SMS group developed the RMG threading machine for manufacturing pipe couplings. The machine was designed together with international customers and tool manufacturers right from the start. This has resulted in a solution that is in line with the market and its requirements. The pipe and tool manufacturers contributed their priorities and ideas for the machine. On this basis, engineers at SMS group developed various concepts and analysed them in a benefit analysis. The result: a horizontal coupling threading machine with a turret head and a rotary indexing chuck for premium socket production. This concept combines the most important advantages: productivity, precision and flexibility. The RMG internal thread Premium threads can be produced with just two Horn tools instead of the usual five when using other tool systems

SMS group developed the RMG pipe coupling threading machine


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