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combination for coupling machining to avoid unnecessary tool changes. The System 315 is used to machine the internal threads. A triple, highly accurate, reversible insert with two or three teeth roughs and finishes the threads. The inserts, having a maximum width of 15.5mm, machine the tools

cutting machine for couplings is based on the field-proven, successfully established TCG pipe threading machine. From this machine for cutting premium external threads, the RMG adopts its core components to provide a rigid machine tool that ensures high precision. Both machines deliver high quality end products in accordance with international standards, such as API or GOST. In this way, the SMS group is defining new standards as a holistic supplier in the field of OCTG production technology and strengthening its market leading position. The RMG has six tool holder positions that can be equipped with combination tools. Thanks to intelligent use of three cutting inserts on the combination tools, three work steps can be carried out without having to index the turret, which minimises cycle times. In addition, the horizontal design facilitates chip evacuation and offers significant advantages when feeding workpieces and changing tools. A highlight of the operation is the integrated machining cycle simulation. This allows the user to simulate the entire process before coupling threading starts and use the visualisation to check whether the programming meets all requirements and target values. “Visual simulation of the workpiece on the HMI before the first chip is even cut avoids expensive errors and creates a high level of process reliability,” said Mr Henkel. “The tools must deliver top performance during the turning process, as the load on the cutting edges is very high,” said Mr Götze. Horn provides

A successful collaboration: Benjamin Henkel (left) with Matthias Götze

threads economically thanks to their long life and low cost. Integrated chip breakers ensure good chip control. Coolant is supplied from below and above the insert. A stable clamping screw ensures excellent ergonomics when changing inserts. To minimise machine downtime, the tool holder can be removed in a few simple steps using a precise polygon shank interface (size 80) and replaced with a sister tool, allowing the inserts to be exchanged outside the machine. The System 315 is suitable for producing API buttress threads, API round threads, premium threads and other thread forms. Thanks to the repeatability achieved, machine operators can cut high quality threads with an elevated level of process reliability. Rework is minimised thanks to the precision tool holder interface. The long tool life ensures few interruptions to the production process.

ISO insert then produces an internal taper and chamfer. The Horn indexable ISO insert then performs the threading in three passes. Two combination tools are needed to produce a premium thread. The internal taper is pre-turned and finished and the sealing seat is pre-turned. After tool change or turret indexing, the type 315 insert carries out thread cutting in ten successive partial cuts. An ISO insert then performs finishing of the internal chamfer and the sealing seat. The SMS group has been working with Horn for several years. Mr Henkel rates the cooperation positively: “Thanks to the commitment of Mr Götze and Horn’s design engineers, we have made significant progress with its tool systems to an extent that was previously unforeseeable. I regard the tools as the perfect addition to our RMG coupling threading machine.”

The combination tool allows an API buttress thread to be machined without a tool change. In the first operation, ISO inserts are used for facing and turning an external chamfer. Another Drawing line with special handling technology for small tubes

Paul Horn GmbH SMS group

supplied so decided to invest in a further machine. In addition, the customer saw potential in the machine technology for the production of further innovative special tubes, which were not possible with previous machine technology. A spokesperson for Bültmann said: “We are pleased to have gained another long-term customer with the proven Bültmann concept of innovative, solid machine technology combined with competent customer service.”

FOLLOWING the successful develop- ment and delivery of a straight-line drawing machine for small tubes in the copper-beryllium material sector, a second RZ 0060/2-9.5-Z machine from Bültmann GmbH has now been successfully pre-accepted by a well known German customer. The drawing line with special handling technology for small tubes Ø3 to 25mm was specially tailored to this demanding application. Bültmann GmbH said the customer was convinced of the performance and product quality of the machines already

Bültmann GmbH

A second RZ 0060/2-9.5-Z machine has now been successfully pre-accepted


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