TPT March 2023

The March Issue Welcome to the latest issue of Tube & Pipe Technology magazine. In this issue we have an in-depth article from Michael Kelly of Allied

March/April 2023 Vol 36 No 2

PhotoChemical, and David Hagood from Finishing Technology Solutions, looking at eliminating VOC emissions in the tube manufacturing process and outlining the benefits of UV coating technology (see page 64). We also have an article in our tube products section, starting on page 51, looking at efficient methods of monitoring subsea valve and pipeline condition. In addition we have an interview with Siddharth Bansal of Skipper Limited looking at the tube industry in the flourishing Indian market. In the May issue of TPT magazine we have features on tube bending, end forming & swaging; and tube inspection, testing & quality control. The Tube Products INTERNATIONAL focus in May will be on copper & aluminium tubes; and steel and stainless steel pipes. The May issue will be heading to several important trade events including Tube Istanbul, Made in Steel and Tube China, so make sure your company is featured in TPT magazine to gain international exposure for your products and machines. The editorial deadline for the forthcoming May issue of TPT is 5 April. The advertising deadline is 17 April. If you would like to submit an article, or have any questions, you can contact me at: I hope you enjoy the magazine. Rory McBride – Editor in chief equipment for many years and has developed and grown in line with constantly evolving market requirements. With modern design software and more than 130 sets of CNC machining equipment, TUBO Machinery has been continuously developing and reinforcing its know-how in the tube field. After calculating the size and output of the request from a buyer TUBO can design tube & pipe machines that offer the maximum return on their investment. TUBO has won contracts with many domestic and overseas production lines got welded pipe mills, cold roll forming machines and slitting lines with a good reputation for quality. Its machines have been exported to many countries including Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Russia, Albania, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, Syria and Cambodia. TUBO Machinery also offers professional after-sales service and a product range that complies with international standards. The international magazine for the tube & pipe industries VOL 36 NO 2 US$33 MARCH 2023 On the cover . . . Hebei TUBO Machinery Co Ltd has been manufacturing welded ERW tube mills, pipe mills, LSAW (JCO) pipe mills, cold roll forming machines and slitting lines as well as auxiliary



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