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Development of clamping technology suitable for laser welding of tubes

high repeatability that meet the highest quality standards. Machines for the production of hot water tanks and tubes: energy and material savings are essential factors shaping manufacturing in the HVAC industry. Here, systems for rollforming and welding with clamping technology offer proven flexibility and quality as well as innovative individual solutions, for example in the production of thin-walled tubes or high-quality (pressure) vessels. In the e-mobility segment, the company offers several innovative applications, especially in laser cutting and welding: laser cutting and welding of bipolar plates, laser cutting of electrical sheets, laser, laser welding of high-voltage heaters and punching of radiator fins for power coolers.

WEIL Technology and Schaal Technology recently attended EuroBLECH and visitors were able to view their innovative laser, clamping and automation technologies for sheet metal and tube processing. The companies exhibited highly flexible laser applications for the efficient production of sheet metal assemblies, flexible tube manufacturing for the HVAC and pressure vessel sector as well as in the mobility sector innovative manufacturing solutions that enable economical laser processing of cell housings, bipolar plates, electrical sheets and heat exchangers. In addition, Schaal Technology presented equipment for forming and punching all materials, from paper to spring steel. Flexible Laser Solutions: in the field of sheet metal processing and assemblies, production is characterised by different batch sizes and fluctuating incoming

orders. Its solution for more added value is called Flexible Laser Solutions: variable system technology for efficient laser welding and cutting of sheet metal assemblies with individual concepts. Quick-change systems of the component-specific clamping devices enable a short-cycle product change. A flexible basic machine enables the production of a wide variety of products simply by changing the clamping device. Single clamping and coordinated machining optics ensure

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