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Nukon fibre laser selected by Steel & Glass Solutions

fibre laser cutting capability on site would help us to remain as competitive as possible in these times of high energy prices.” “Before going to MACH,

UK-based Steel & Glass Solutions has taken delivery of a new Nukon Rex 315 6kW 2D fibre laser cutting machine from Nukon Lasers UK. The machine was ordered at the UK’s MACH 2022 machine tool exhibition, with installation postponed until Steel & Glass Solutions moved into purpose-built new premises. Steel & Glass Solutions produces architectural metalwork for some of the UK’s most iconic building projects – an accolade that means there is never room for compromise on specification or product quality. Earlier this year, with a growing order book, the business decided it was time to invest in its own flat sheet metal laser cutting capability. “Traditionally, we have relied on outsourcing the laser cutting of the high end polished steel fabrications and steel cladding panels used in our designs,” said production director, Warren Few. “However, these would sometimes arrive with imperfections, meaning they would have to be sent back. Additionally, outsourcing laser cutting meant we couldn’t always react quite as quickly as we would like to customer needs. We were also aware that having our own

Steel & Glass Solutions was successfully cutting customer orders within two days

would only offer and support a product they had complete confidence in.” “Installation was straightforward, and the training provided by Nukon Lasers UK’s Steve Haddrell was excellent,” said Mr Few. “Considering no one at Steel & Glass Solutions had ever used a laser cutting machine before, it’s hard to believe that we were successfully cutting customer orders in 1.5mm to 10mm stainless steel within two days.” The Nukon fibre laser range includes 2D, 3D and laser tube cutting machines. Nukon’s range of 2D fibre laser machines includes models designed for first-time laser users and businesses adding value to in-house manufactured products, as well as high performance machines for demanding flat-bed laser metal cutting requirements in subcontract environments. limited measurement points per sensor, inability to measure the full contour, presence of text that create false positives, and blind spots that prevent the detection of pits and slits. In some cases, these systems offer limited visualisation capabilities. FlawSense digitises thousands of measurement points around the contour of the product. It then produces a 3D point cloud image with informative, actionable flaw data that can be manipulated for further analysis. FlawSense can detect surface defects down to five microns with a claimed ten-times-better resolution than camera-based systems. FlawSense aims to offer more accurate measurements of product diameter and ovality than laser micrometers and camera vision technology. Nukon Lasers UK

we had only given a cursory glance to Nukon’s fibre laser machines as, although built in Europe, the brand wasn’t one that was on our radar,” added Mr Few. “However, at the show, we couldn’t ignore the quality, speed and value they offered. Perhaps the thing that really convinced us to order the Nukon Rex machine was meeting Alan Pickering from tube bending machinery manufacturer, Unison Ltd, on the Nukon stand. Alan explained how for quite some time Unison had been looking to complement its British built tube bending machines with high quality laser cutting technologies and how, after researching the market, established Nukon Lasers UK as the official Nukon dealer for the UK and Ireland. “Having owned and operated an all electric Unison Breeze tube bending machine at a previous company,” added Mr Few. “I was well aware that Unison The manufacturer states that FlawSense precisely detects lumps, gels, pits, slits and other surface defects that cannot be identified by conventional laser micrometers, lump and neckdown detectors, and camera-based systems. Manufacturing personnel can review the defects later in 3D for deeper, immersive analysis. Chad Walker, product manager at LaserLinc, said, “FlawSense is not a laser micrometer; it is not a camera or vision system; and it’s not a lump and neckdown detector, although it can perform the same functions as these technologies. Instead, FlawSense is a high-performance inspection system that uses the most advanced laser triangulation technology.” Traditionally, manufacturers have attempted to use a variety of measure- ment techniques to detect flaws, but these present problems such as the

Online dimensional surface flaw detection LASERLINC’s new FlawSense

dimensional surface flaw detection system uses high-speed laser line triangulation to perform 360° in-process inspection of wire, cable, pipe and tube products, regardless of product orientation in the measurement field.


FlawSense dimensional surface flaw detection system


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