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T&H Lemont ships two bespoke heavy-duty weldboxes to tube manufacturer

the unit’s lifting hooks to remove the face plate, then installs the next face plate just as easily. For ease of setup, the new units are gib-mounted and have three positioning adjustments – vertical, lateral and upstream/downstream. Additionally, each roll clevis is equipped with a single-point adjustment that has a dial indicator to help the operator adjust the rolls precisely during every changeover. The units likewise are designed for ease of maintenance, outfitted with zerk fittings at all the critical lubrication points. Also, an operator-side manifold allows the operator to grease the roll shafts, which require grease more frequently than the other points, while the mill is running.

T&H LEMONT has shipped two identical heavy-duty three-roll weldboxes to a mechanical tubing manufacturer.

The company makes tubing in sizes up to 3" OD and up to 10 gauge wall thickness for markets such as automotive, off-road vehicle, agricultural equipment, conveyor equipment and other demanding applications. These custom-designed weldboxes, model WU-25, are replacements for 15" chuck-style weldboxes from a different manufacturer. T&H Lemont’s engineering team used a proprietary design and modified it to match the mill’s bottom line. The engineering team also designed the clevises to utilise the customer’s original tooling to minimise the cost of the upgrade. Designed for quick changes, the units have removable face plates so the operator can swap out the three clevises and tooling quickly. The operator loosens four C washers and swings them out of the way, uses

The T&H Lemont engineering team designed the clevises to utilise the customer’s original tooling to minimise the cost of upgrading

T&H Lemont


MARCH 2023

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