TPT March 2023

in an extremely economical way and in the smallest of spaces. t-project offers the possibility of creating a digital twin in advance, which reproduces and simulates the functioning of the entire process. In this way, the workpieces pass through all phases of the production line in a virtual environment. This enables the efficient optimisation of all production relevant factors. In the real production process, all material and data flows can then be monitored and linked with warehouse management, quality control and logistics. In other words, completely automated and transparent for all departments involved and with all the possibilities of today’s process digitisation.

further processing stages before or after the actual bending process. If a production cell is not an option, the use of a robot that can handle loading and unloading in addition to the handling is usually the best decision. As an official KUKA-system partner, transfluid can pass on years of experience and know how to its customers. However, a robot always needs some space to make full use of its benefits. However, as space restrictions often play a decisive role and short distances achieve better cycle times, transfluid’s engineers always try to design compactly and make efficient use of machine paths. A small self sufficient cell, consisting of a bending machine with simple overhead handling, in combination with a chain feeder and a conveyor belt for unloading, can produce

be aligned for the bending process. If this is not possible or too inaccurate, optical sensors are used to help bring the workpiece into the correct position. This is now also possible in a cost effective way with simple loading systems. Incidentally, this also applies to the scanning of the applied QR codes in order to call up bending programs during the production process. This makes it possible to change the bending geometry for tubes of the same diameter during the process. In this way, even small series or individual pieces can be produced without interruptions. Sometimes it simply has to be a robot that takes over the handling. Many complex geometries can be implemented with a simple loading and a transfluid right/left bending machine, but the tubes often have to go through


Safety Storage

Efficiency • Safer product handling • Optimised production space • Improved storage capacity • Increased productivity & output • Enhanced profits

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