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Sales partnerships in the spotlight Rolf Schlicht GmbH is highlighting two of the companies with which it has a sales partnership. Sagitta SpA, Italy, offers band granulators in different sizes, horizontal splitting machines for rubber and plastics, and cutting machines for the production of sealing rings from pipes and hoses. supplies high-performance air wipes and cable strippers for stripping cable and wire without damaging the core. Economic drying by Huestis air wipes provides low air consumption, low noise emission, easy exchange of wipes, and little maintenance. Rolf Schlicht GmbH Huestis Industrial, USA

Clinton Instrument Company

Stand: 09 E38

In 2016, the Clinton Instrument Company introduced the B-Series HF-15B high frequency spark tester. This year, the company has expanded the B-Series model line to include three additional models: DC-B, AC-30B and TST-B. The direct current DC-B is available in 1kV, 10kV and 20kV models and is suited to testing very small cables or cables with delicate insulation. The DC-B is also equipped to test products with high capacitance, such as wide, flat cables. The mains frequency AC-30B is designed to test large cables at voltages up to 30kV. Clinton offers a variety of electrodes capable of testing cables up to 8" in diameter or for testing smaller cables at up to 1,200 feet per minute to UL standards. The TST-B is a specialised DC spark tester that mounts inside the bow of a double turn buncher. It allows for a spark test directly before take-up, which would not be possible with a traditional tester.

The TST-B communicates wirelessly with a control unit placed outside the buncher. features DSP-based fault detection and the ability to differentiate between four different fault types: pinhole, multi-pinhole, direct metal contact and gross bare wire. The equipment is capable of direct communication with a PLC via direct 0-10V analogue, or over Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Profinet or DeviceNET. Clinton is also debuting the IB-A series of communication modules. The IB-A will allow Clinton A-Series spark testers to take advantage of the same communication options as the newer B-Series equipment. Clinton’s model FL-20A can accurately locate either direct or high voltage shorts between conductors in multi-conductor cables, or locate broken conductors. The FL-20A is fully automatic and provides results with the push of a button. All B-Series equipment

Clinton Instrument Company


November 2020

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