EuroWire March 2020

wire 2020 show

30 March - 3 April

The MGS Group Stand: 09 E06-02

The MGS Group, consisting of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co, is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems, custo- mised to optimise the application.

Mikrotek managing director B Kamal Babu

diamond angle pins, GHCS pins and measuring pin sets. Customised pro les for multi-wire drawing dies for copper cable and dies for stainless steel wire are a speciality of Mikrotek. Training is an integral part of the company’s corporate culture. Its in-house training includes lean systems, and skill training centres for operators to continuously improve their technical skills to produce high-quality products. The company provides a re-polishing and re-sizing service for used diamond dies and TC dies. It also o ers a turnkey project to set up a complete re-polishing and re-sizing plant for the dies. The project includes plant and machinery testing equipment, QA, training and installation. Mikrotek undertakes projects to improve the productivity of wire drawing companies. In the process, the technical team will visit the drawing plant, and study the drawing conditions and historical data. It will then discuss, make simple corrections and conduct trials to improve the overall e ciency of the drawing plant, and not just the die life. Mikrotek Machines Ltd Mixer SpA combines quality and reliability with innovation, o ering materials to the cable market that are designed on the basis of its acquired expertise. The company has a consolidated experience in MV compounds, having been producing blends based on EPDM and EPDM/ PE since 1996, and becoming a major compounder for medium-voltage insulation, marketed around the world. Ten years ago, Mixer conceived and pioneered fully lead-free products for this market segment, ahead of user Mixer SpA Stand: 12 E74

FAT616 fully automatic dual take-up

Photo and video presentations at wire will highlight its fully automatic dual take-up systems – FAT616 and FAT820 – with a robot handling system for depalletising and palletising, various dual-reel take-ups from bre to 1,000mcm cable, Northampton single- and double-twist wire bunching machines, and the triple-twist twinner, along with the latest design in slip ring brushes and holders. The standard product range includes payo s, take-ups, rewinders, dancers, accumulators, capstans, length counters, air wipes, swage tools, electric brazers, double-twist bunchers, twinners, tape heads and single-twist cablers. Personnel on the company’s stand will include Je Swinchatt, John Dudus, Tom McComiskey and Dave Lane. The MGS Group

Mikrotek Machines Ltd Stand: 11 E06

Mikrotek is a manufacturer of super ne natural diamond dies (0.013 to 0.05mm), natural diamond dies, PCD dies, mono diamond dies, enamelling dies with diamond inserts and tungsten carbide dies with taper and pressure inserts. The company’s range includes TC extrusion tools, PCD shaped dies, PCD shaving dies and diamond die polishing equipment, such as diamond powder, diamond paste, diamond suspension,



March 2020

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