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Investment in pushers at Polish site

The use of electric motors provides the additional benefit of the absence of smoke and fumes in the factory. After the demonstration of a drum pusher, Stanisław Wajs, head of maintenance services at Tele-Fonika Kable, said: “The Nu-Star dual-motor Super Power Pusher tug seems quite unique in the market; it’s very durable and generates enough power to easily push our largest cable drums. “Compared to other solutions, such as forklifts, the electric tug is a much smaller and cheaper solution to move heavy industrial loads. The Nu-Star electric tug is extremely easy to use and much safer than attempting to manually move the reels. “After positive feedback from our employees on the production floor, we invested in three. The Nu-Star electric tugs have revolutionised the efficient and safe movement of cable drums throughout our production lines, reducing labour costs or tasks that would normally require at least two members of staff.” Nu-Star Material Handling Ltd – UK Website :

TELE-FONIKA Kable SA has invested in three Nu-Star high torque cable drum pushers to improve workplace safety and factory productivity. The company is a European manufacturer of cables and wires, operating globally, and supplying some of the largest companies in industries ranging from telecommunications to mining. The expansion of the Tele-Fonika operations across eight production plants and increasing changes to health and safety regulations prompted Tele-Fonika to review workplace safety and efficiency when moving cable drums. As part of the production of wire and cables, large cable drums of up to 60 tonnes need to be moved through the production lines. Tele-Fonika contacted Nu-Star’s Polish distributor to find a solution for pushing cable drums in a safe and easy way to reduce manual handling. Bartosz Sowiński, Nu-Star’s Polish distributor, explained: “In order to push heavy cable reels, a high starting torque is required to overcome rolling resistance; therefore I recommended a free demonstration of Nu-Star’s high-torque dual-motor Super Power Pusher electric tug.” The dual-motor Super Power Pusher is powered by two 1.5kW electric motors generating up to 17,600N of pushing force. The machine is equipped with a special roller application for moving both cable drums and paper rolls.

▲ ▲ One of the cable drum pushers at work Schleuniger on show across Canada Schleuniger, an international manufacturer of high-precision wire processing machines, will exhibit the latest in wire processing solutions at the EPTECH series of professional electronics shows across Canada, including EPTECH Calgary on Tuesday, 16 th April, EPTECH Vancouver on Wednesday, 12 th June, and EPTECHWaterloo on Tuesday, 29 th October. EPTECH is the only series of coast-to-coast national electronics shows in Canada and covers a broad spectrum of the electronics industry. At each event, attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Schleuniger’s wire processing experts. Products include wire stripping machines, its newest generation of coaxial cable stripping equipment, laser stripping equipment, automated cut and strip machines, crimping equipment and more.

Schleuniger Inc – USA Website :


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