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“Panduit’s HD Flex fiber cabling system achieves both. It is designed for optimum serviceability and manageability, providing the scalability to increase density as business demands evolve.” Stephen Morris, senior product manager at Panduit EMEA, DC Connectivity Solutions stated: “HD Flex 2.0 provides DC managers with new options to provision for future higher bandwidth migration paths, logically replicate switch/server ports, scale the network, increase speed of deployment and maximize up-time.” Linx Printing Technologies has developed a white cable ink for the cable and wire market, offering excellent adhesion to all types of polyethylene (PE) while providing effective standout on darker products. The many different varieties of PE create a challenge for printing inks and, typically, in order for them to adhere to the material and avoid removal by rubbing or scratching, initial treatment of the surface is required. Treatment can be by methods such as heat, corona or plasma, which raises the surface polarity and improves adhesion, but this requires an additional process on the production line which is often not appropriate or convenient. Linx’s 1320 ink formulation eliminates this requirement and is able to deliver a clear code that is difficult to remove and also withstands transference during cable winding applications. Standout printing

Panduit has launched its HD Flex 2.0 fiber cabling system specifically for high-performance data centers. The latest addition to its fire solutions portfolio has been designed for ease of integration with fiber infrastructure by accommodating fiber cassettes and fiber adapter panels (FAPs) with different port counts within the same enclosure and panel.

S S Panduit has launched the HD Flex 2.0 fiber cabling system for high-performance data centers

The 6-port or 12-port cassettes and FAPs can be deployed in virtually any combination to achieve up to 144-fibers (LC) or 864-fibers (MPO) per rack unit. This solution enables port migration from 10G to 25/40/50/100G in the same RU space without replacing existing fibers. Marc Naese, senior vice president of Panduit’s data center business unit, said: “Today’s IT managers are increasingly tasked with providing higher data speeds while controlling costs by maximizing return on assets.

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