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Adjustable centre co-extrusion crosshead for PVC over PVC

head set-up; improved product quality from the increased adhesion between layers, as melt adheres to melt rather than extrudate; and an inner layer that is not exposed to the environment (which can allow contaminates between the layers). Additional features of the crosshead include multi-port spiral flow, easy disassembly and restart, positive seals for leak elimination, the patented Guill Feather Touch concentricity adjustment, a vacuum port and the ability to accept two extruders from the same side via the heated manifold assembly. The crosshead is adaptable to all extruder brands. The first layer is fixed and the second is adjustable; it has a maximum through-core of 1.75" and a maximum die

Guill Tool has introduced the Series 725 co-extrusion crosshead design for tray cable applications. Featuring all stainless steel construction, it offers machine builders and end users advantages such as the patented Guill Seal Right system of self-aligning tapered deflector and body design. Series 725 was developed by Guill in partnership with a customer, to convert a production line from a tandem line with two heads a distance apart into an efficient co-extrusion line with a single head applying both layers of PVC in a single operation. Other end-user benefits of the new co extrusion crosshead include a shorter changeover time; less scrap with a single

Series 725 on a portable crosshead stand with integral alignment swing gates to assist disassembly and restart

ID of 2". A tool kit and detailed operator’s instruction manual are supplied. Guill Tool & Engineering Co, Inc www.guill.com

Intelligent waste removal with closed-loop recycling Turning 20 tons of aluminium into a workpiece with a weight of “only” two tons produces a lot of chips, which have to be removed as quickly and reliably as possible to prevent jams and to meet the required production cycle times. to use their know-how and experience to devise a clever concept for removing the waste for recycling. VDL consulted the manufacturer at an early phase, during the planning of the workshop, so it was possible to include the removal system in the layout. This avoided subsequent interventions and interfering systems in the production area. Groep are required for producing high performance chips using an innovative process. The Kabelschlepp conveying system is also modern and innovative.

“We created a unique and absolutely individual system for several machines and materials, which also ensures cutting fluid processing and smooth container loading,” explained Michael Diebel, COO of Kabelschlepp GmbH-Hünsborn. “Our approach was to consider the waste removal and the recycling loop as key components of the complete recycling value chain.” Another focus was placed on achieving a balance between the processes and the machine controllers in close coordination with the customer. The degree of automation of the interfaces makes it possible to remove containers for each truck without specific tools. The customer benefited from having only one solution partner for the complete waste removal process. Using the same modules in multiple ways also reduces the complexity of operation and maintenance. A spokesperson for VDL said, “The system has proven to be ideal in operation. Kabelschlepp have designed and implemented a system that fully meets our high requirements.” Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH www.kabelschlepp.com VDL Groep www.vdlgroep.com

The sorted recycling process for 18 tons of material also saves 252,000kWh of energy and corresponds to 92,000kg of CO 2 per workpiece, compared to producing it from primary aluminium. Kabelschlepp GmbH-Hünsborn took on this technically complex challenge on behalf of its Dutch customer VDL Groep. The very high figure of 95 per cent swarf volume required Kabelschlepp’s experts

After a detailed planning phase, a com- plex central chip removal system includ- ing container management was built. With intelligent control, it contributes to the safety and functionality of the production plant.

The workpieces manufactured by VDL

The intelligent waste removal enables a sorted recycling loop, despite the high machining volume

Photo credit: Tsubaki Kabelschlepp



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