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The line includes an option for EFL monitoring

Sikora’s two Centerview 8000 models

RL-R loose tube production line for fibre optical cables

Loose tube production: repeatable precision at

high speed Rosendahl Nextrom has created a completely new design for a loose tube manufacturing line, allowing PBT microtubes to be processed at line speeds of up to 1,200m/min while meeting product requirements with precision. The line length of only around 30m is made possible by a short cooling trough design and a new linear guiding. The line provides the option to monitor excess fibre length (EFL) online, enabling fast feedback during production and giving manufacturers the ability to

The line is also equipped with a fibre cutter, a rewinding mode and dual take up for automatic reel changes. The company has a demonstration loose tube line at its technology centre in Pischelsdorf, Austria. Visitors can observe the line during production, and interested parties can bring materials and recipes for tests on the laboratory line.

react immediately during the process. An offline EFL measuring system is also available. The Rosendahl Nextrom crosshead with linear guiding has been further optimised, and works for dry as well as for jelly-filled applications. An improved clenching capstan helps to minimise excess length of the fibre and post shrinkage of the PP/PBT tube during the production process, helping to produce a storable, temperature-insensitive product at a high yield.

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH https://rosendahlnextrom.com



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