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Sonobond’s Dual Head SpliceRite ultrasonic wire welder

Sonobond becomes part of Inductotherm Group

ultrasonic metal welding. The company received the first patent issued for this technology, awarded for its Wedge Reed system. Since then, Sonobond has continued to develop ultrasonic welders for non-ferrous metals. The company’s Dual Head SpliceRite TM is an ultrasonic wire welder that can join tinned wire of up to 60mm 2 cross sectional area. It can also produce high strength, highly conductive splices of stranded copper wire of up to 100mm 2 cross-sectional area. Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc https://sonobondultrasonics.com

a lot more than a new design. They signify our direct connection to more than 40 companies that offer advanced technology and manufacturing resources that will enhance our ability to deliver the innovative products our customers have come to rely on. “We wanted to take advantage of all the advantages and benefits Inductotherm Group provides for our customers, as quickly as possible, so transitioning our marketing materials to our new ‘Inductotherm’ look will continue after our new website has launched.” In 1960, Sonobond Ultrasonics (then known as Aeroprojects) invented

Janet Devine, president of Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc, has stated that becoming part of the Inductotherm Group will provide customers with increased resources and benefits. Although Sonobond has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Inductotherm Group’s parent company for more than 30 years, Sonobond and its customers will now have greater access to advanced power supply technologies, global service resources and expanded supply chain resources. The launch of Sonobond’s new website is the first of many changes for the company. According to Ms Devine, “Our new brand logo and website represent



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