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VisionLab installed at major bolt manufacturer in India

and cut down on calibration costs by replacing multiple manual gauges, such as micrometers, calipers and optical comparators, which are subject to human error. Visionlab rapidly completes first-piece inspections, allowing employees to concentrate on production tasks instead of manually measuring parts. Production has increased; errors have been eliminated; and the company is able to measure more frequently. All dimensions, including lengths, diameters, radii, angles and GD&T features, are measured and displayed with a pass/fail indication. Custom data reports can be created and saved as CSV or Excel files, and in

One of the largest automotive bolt manufacturers in India has added a VisionLab 3D fastener gauging system from General Inspection to streamline its first-part inspection process. VisionLab uses General Inspection’s patented 3D gauging technology to provide complete part dimensional layouts in less than five seconds. The machine can perform 360° dimensional inspection with detailed data reporting, plus options to provide 360° visual defect detection, end view inspection, and measure recess depth and recess concentricity. The bolt manufacturer’s aim was to reduce inspection time, improve quality

The VisionLab-150 can handle parts up to 150mm length and 50mm diameter

this case the customer is utilising the “MySequel” built-in server to connect directly to its SPC program. Part feature tolerances are assigned with the appropriate part number and stored in memory for quick recall. General Inspection, LLC

Most powerful battery-powered torque wrench launched RAD Torque Systems has launched B-RAD X (Xtreme), a battery powered torque wrench series capable of torquing up to 15,000 Nm (11,000 ft lb), which it claims is the most powerful cordless torque wrench in the world. The new B-RAD X torque wrench is available in three versions: 7,000 Nm (5,000 ft lb), 10,000 Nm (8,000 ft lb) and 15,000 Nm (11,000 ft lb). Fastening bolts in remote locations will now be easier, as the cordless B-RAD X gives companies better mobility to torque and tension large bolts with less equipment to haul, but without compromising power or accuracy. “We believe the B-RAD X is going to revolutionise the industry and change how big industry works,” says Dan Provost, president and owner of RAD Torque Systems. “This tool will make the toughest torque jobs easier to tackle, faster to secure and safer for all operators. RAD Torque is known for its innovation, and we are proud to be the first in the world to deliver a battery-powered torque tool with this much power.” Building on RAD Torque’s patented gearbox technology, the B-RAD X features a new high-performance motor. Additional features include brushless DC motor for added durability and accuracy; redesigned anti-fatigue trigger switch with IP rating; standard hand-guard for added operator protection; two-hand start options to prevent hand injuries; a battery latch lock to protect batteries from falling; and a digital screen. Luke Timmermans, senior engineer at RAD Torque Systems, said, “The B-RAD X was developed in response to the demands of our customers who required increased portability and higher performance in a torque wrench. We have meticulously

designed and engineered the B-RAD X from scratch, offering users an exceptional industrial torque tool that excels in handling the most substantial bolting tasks worldwide, all without the need for cables.” The B-RAD Xtreme has two patents pending in the USA – one for mechanical technology and one for electronic technology.

RAD Torque Systems

B-RAD Xtreme battery-powered torque wrench

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September 2023

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