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Chemical-resistant inflatable stoppers for blocking pipes containing hydrocarbon liquids and gases

woven impregnated nylon outer cover for use up to 90°C (194°F). The versatile inflatable stoppers are used to service a wide variety of industrial applications. As “overnight stoppers” they provide a strong barrier in pipeline activities, to prevent foreign bodies entering the line during downtime. In machining applications they can be inserted below a horizontal flange on a vertical pipe to prevent machining fluid, swarf and tools from falling into expensive machinery such as pumps and heat exchangers. One or more inflatable stoppers can be inserted into a small opening close to a work location, rather than at the end of the pipe, tank or vessel. No high-pressure equipment is needed for inflation. The PetroChem stoppers are available with optional heat-resistant

DURING petrochemical operations, where hydrocarbons are present in liquid or gas form, inflatable stoppers are often used for applications such as debris stopping, leak testing, low- pressure hydrostatic tests, blocking the release of hydrocarbon gases and a variety of plumbing operations. To meet the challenges of such intense conditions, the Pipestoppers ® division of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) manufactures the PetroChem ® range of hydrocarbon-resistant inflatable pipestoppers. Standard models are manufactured in cylindrical and spherical formats from 25 to 2,440mm (1" to 96") in diameter, with a high- grade latex rubber internal inflatable bag covered with a petrochemical resistant layer, which has a tough,

Cylindrical PetroChem stoppers from HFT

covers to protect them against high temperatures of up to 300°C (572°F). The inflatable versions weigh less than most of their counterpart sizes of mechanical plugs, making them easier to transport and safer to use at height. Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – UK Email: Website:

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STRIP EDGE MILLING MACHINE for integration in spiral or longitudinal welded tube lines

increase your tube production up to 80 meter per min

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