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DieTronic offers anti-rust solution AFTER a two-year break from exhibitions, DieTronic is taking part in the Tube & wire Fair 2022 in Düsseldorf in June. The company will present its latest technological developments of its anti-rust spray system with the complete tube product line. application quality means not only a full product protection against oxidation but also a consistent saving of RPO, which can be applied precisely and in the recommended dosages.

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well the rollers employed in the process. The next is the tube cleaner system, which allows a deep pre-cleaning of very dirty tubes (especially for the automotive industry), thus improving once more the quality of the produced tubes. After that, the proper Antirust spray system comes into play: the system is provided with a pneumatic Air Knife that, placed at its entrance, is designed to blow compressed air directly on the tube and prepares a perfectly dry and clean surface, thus optimising the later anti corrosive spray application. The new Antirust Siemens Control Panel will be presented during the show, which follows the 4.0 manufacturing industry trend. The most valuable innovations are the easier parameter setting, their protection under password and the new diagnostic system with remote control and notification in case of alarms or machine activities. Finally, the company will introduce the new consumption measurement system, which provides a more precise overview of the actual product consumption and product saving thanks to the anti-rust. DieTronic will be present at the show at booth 6 D22.

The Tube fair will be an opportunity to see the anti-rust spray machine and all the other essential accessories that comprise DieTronic complete solution, not only to fight the issue of oxidation, but in general to optimise the whole process and not compromise the quality of the final product. The first device proposed, and the newest addition to DieTronic tube product line, is the coil cleaning system that, placed before the tube forming section, is meant to improve even more the quality of the end product, by cleaning the coil before the forming section, thanks to the use of a lower roller with rotating brushes. In this way, it is possible to eliminate those marks and dirt particles that, particularly during forming, might otherwise remain imprinted on the tube surface and could not be removed anymore, damaging as

The anti-rust system was designed to fight the issue of rusting on the surface of tubes and profiles, which occurs especially during long outdoor storage or transport period and more in certain weather conditions (humidity and temperature changes). This, which in the worst cases forces tube manufacturers to reject a high amount of production due to the poor product quality, can be easily solved by adopting the anti-rust spray technology. The system is able to spray the right amount of Rust Preventive Fluids (RPO) in a controlled, constant and homogenous way, covering the whole tube surface and adjusting the RPO quantity to apply in g/m 2 automatically and proportionally to the line speed. In this way, an effective and optimised

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Dietronic’s range of products in a tube mill line

Contrôle Mesure Systèmes looks ahead to a successful year

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current and ultrasonic inspection system to detect defects on tube, bar and wire. Contrôle Mesure Systèmes will also be present at FABTECH Mexico for the second time at Monterrey which will be held from 3-5 May 2022.

Mesure Systèmes Inc, located in the eastern US, and Sofratest. The latest products of CMS will be on display at two stands at the wire and Tube fairs on stands 11H02 and 6G23. Visitors to the stand at the Tube fair will be able to see the newest turnkey solution composed of a fully automated bench combining eddy

CONTRÔLE Mesure Systèmes has announced that it will be taking part in the 16 th edition of tube and wire exhibitions in Düsseldorf. The manufacturer and non-destructive testing specialist will also share news about the acquisition of Sofratest. After growth over the past couple of years, the corporation now includes Contrôle Mesure Systèmes, Contrôle

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