TPT May 2022


The Welding Development Centre expands its team in response to rapidly rising demand

THE Welding Development Centre (WDC), which is headquartered in Southshields, UK and delivers a range of expert welding solutions across multiple industries including oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace, marine and automotive, has seen turnover increase by 57 per cent over the past nine months as the economy continues to open up. In response, it has created four new roles of business development manager and non-destructive testing manager, as well as adding to its welding expertise with the recruitment of an additional welding engineer and welding technologist. WDC also recently moved from its previous base in Jarrow, UK to South Shields, UK where it has secured additional office space alongside its world-leading welding centre. Managing director Peter Lyons, a certified International and European welding engineer, is also the business and technical director of sister company NECIT Services, a global inspection, auditing and expediting services provider. Mr Lyons said: “We have created a centre of welding excellence that is setting new standards in training and consultancy services that support clients in delivering beyond international standards, regulations, certifications and specifications. We also provide

Welding technologist Sean Peatfield with Peter Lyons at the Welding Development Centre

United Utilities. He has more than 13 years’ welding experience. Alexander Flett has been appointed business development manager, tasked with growing the business overall. Stephen Carr has joined WDC as a welding engineer, while Sean Peatfield has been appointed as welding technologist. The Welding Development Centre

the expertise businesses need to train welders and gain the necessary accreditation that allow them to compete with much larger organisations for contracts. We have experienced a huge increase in work, partly due to the resumption of engineering projects as economies continue to open up.” Brian Cowell has joined WDC as NDT manager after spending four years as welding and coatings manager with

The bigger picture for users and supervisors with Xiris’ new CellView welding camera

the trainee is achieving optimal quality welds. Additionally, the camera can be used by the instructor to record their own welding form and the details of a weld demonstration to playback to students. The Xiris CellView camera is being able to capture a wide-angle view of the welding cell as a result of features such as low-level light sensitivity, auxiliary lighting, adjustable zoom, robust housing and compatibility with the Xiris WeldStudio™ software.

XIRIS Automation has released the Xiris CellView camera that provides a wide angle view of automated or manual welding cells, allowing welders and supervisors to remotely monitor the welding status during set-up or while in progress to help improve the productivity of each welding cell. When used in combination with Xiris open-arc weld monitoring cameras, the CellView camera can be particularly useful for remote welder instruction, supervision and training. The instructor can review both the trainee’s form and up-close weld parameters to ensure

The CellView camera is useful for remote welder instruction, supervision and training

Xiris Automation Inc


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