TPT May 2022

Innovative sixth generation Danieli billet welder in operation at Ferriere Nord


January 2022 during a three-week plant maintenance shutdown. Billet welders allow endless rolling by welding head and tails of billets, avoiding crops of heads and tails.

ITALIAN mini mill producer Ferriere Nord, part of the Pittini Group, is operating a sixth generation Danieli billet welder. Danieli engineers have used their experience of over 30 billet-welder installations since 1997 and come up with a new patented machine design which offers improved maintainability. The design allows shorter cleaning operations, reducing half of the time that was previously required. This new achievement leads to an improved plant yield which, in the Ferriere Nord case, means an increased efficiency of five per cent. The welder also features a cartridge concept applied to the welding clamps that can be replaced quickly, allowing off-line maintenance in the workshop in stead of onboard. Finally, a new current control system speeds-up the welding time and improves the homogeneity of the welding joints. The new billet welder went into operation at Ferriere Nord in

Ferriere Nord

The new Danieli billet welder halves the time for cleaning operations


MAY 2022

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