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ESAB Savage A40 Air offers heavy-duty protection from chromium welding fumes

ESAB, a producer of welding equip- ment, consumables, and automation equipment, has launched its new Savage A40 Air helmet, designed to partner with ESAB’s existing Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). Helmets such as the Savage A40 Air are essential for workers in situations where welding fumes and particulates are a concern, such as for some cored wires, working in confined or poorly ventilated spaces and for protecting operators from hexavalent chromium fumes, which are generated from stainless steel, chrome alloys and chrome-coated metals. “Savage A40 Air and ESAB PAPR blower unit combination has a replaceable two-stage filtration cartridge that meets European standards and removes airborne particles to a TH2 level filtration performance for fine particulates,” said Kevin Beckerdite, global product manager – PPE, ESAB. “The proven ESAB PAPR includes visual and audible alarms to signal low airflow, as an added safety measure.” The PAPR unit has three settings that adjust airflow between 170 and 220l/min. to suit the environment and application. It operates at a quiet 70dB and features a high-capacity, lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers up to eight hours of performance between charges. The high-tech Savage A40 Air helmet provides extreme comfort and protection in all processes. With a design inspired WELDED pipe producer FUL Srl aims to help solve common problems faced during internal and external scarfing. It also specialises in designing and providing complementary accessories for HF welded tubes. As its core business, FUL develops, builds and sells complete systems for inside welding bead removal on high frequency welded tubes. These devices are innovative and fully pneumatic. The advantages obtainable using pneumatic systems include: existing plants do not need any change; there is no need for additional accessories or complicated settings; there is less

The new Savage A40 Air aims to combine safety, performance and style

enhanced colour definition with the Savage A40 Air.” Sensitivity and delay controls inside the helmet allow users to adjust the response to various welding conditions. Sensitivity control is an adaptable feature useful when TIG welding at low amperage for better reaction. Delay control enables the welder to set how long the lens stays dark after the welding arc stops. Short delay helps get the job done faster during tack welding, while longer delay is useful for high amperage welding.

by the Sentinel™ A50 helmet, Savage A40Air offers a 50 x 100mm viewing area for a wider field of vision. The helmet weighs 700g. Its 1/1/1/2 optical-class lens features ESAB’s ultra-clear true colour technology for increased weld pool clarity and enhanced definition. Additional features include four light sensors, providing a high response, especially when welding out-of-position, and 9-13 shade knob. “ESAB’s ultra-clear true-colour lens technology gives operators a better view of the weld puddle and surrounding area,” said Mr Beckerdite. “When precise bead placement counts, welders can rely on a brighter view with adjustment of the inside tool holder during start-up and during daily production; the low cost of hard metal inserts; longer working-life of hard metal inserts; less downtime for the mill; and low production costs. It works using compressed air, which is introduced into tow bar fixed at the mounting unit, which gives the lower carriage a very high pressure so that cutting insert works on tube walls. The cutting insert, placed on the opposite side (scarfing point), affects and simultaneously removes the welding bead. The mounting unit provides the ability to adjust the whole system and

ESAB Solving common pipe welding problems

there is no need for any adjustment. The cutting insert geometry allows a constant stock removal; it is not affected by wall thickness changing. FUL can also manufacture special tools designed specifically for the customer needs. The company’s standard product range includes: carbide inserts coated with the best performing types of CVD and PVD, HSS inserts; aluminium oxide inserts (ceramic); HSS/TCT circular saw blades; and HSS guillotine vertical blades made in Italy.



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