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Roland Electronic introduces tube weld seam detection

system SND40 ROLAND Electronic GmbH has been dealing with the topic of localising weld seams on tubes for many years. Finding a weld seam on tubes is becoming more and more important, especially during automated manufacturing processes and it is of increasing importance for the quality of the final product. Optimising the welding processes does not make this complex challenge any easier. In the case of longitudinally welded tubes for example, the weld seams are increasingly difficult, or impossible, to detect optically. With its

weld seam detection system SND40, Roland Electronic GmbH offers a suitable solution. The measuring system based on the leakage flux method (magnetic flux), or the eddy current method, is characterised by a very high grade of flexibility. Depending on the material the welding process and the wall thickness are available for the measuring process and the resulting programme parameters. An intuitive menu navigation makes it possible to find the optimal parameters

for localising weld seams on tubes depending on the product – without in-depth knowledge of the measuring device or the measuring method. The wizard mode minimises the effort required to set up the system. The user just enters the tube diameter, the wall thickness, material type, information on post-treatment and the desired target angle for the weld seam positioning. These parameters are queried step by step. From this, suitable “recipes” are calculated, which are verified and optimised in a subsequent automated process. The SND40 weld seam detection system offers reliable detection, even for weld seams that are not visually recognisable; it ensures the optimal and required weld seam position for safe further processing of tubes and avoids process and product errors. This increases the overall quality and productivity and offers sustainable protection of the customer’s resources.

Roland Electronic GmbH

T&H Lemont model W25 HD for welded tube and pipe mills

and safety – the operator does not have to reach over or across the unit to lubricate it. The unit has interchangeable yokes to accommodate product ODs from 1.250 to 3.500" and all of the features are independently adjustable. It has a base plate that can be adjusted on three axes, single-point adjustments for each roll, and either Y-high or Y-low roll orientation.

T&H LEMONT has announced that it has developed a new model of weld box, model W25 HD, for welded tube mill and welded pipe mill applications. Designed to guide the tube or pipe through the welding stage, it is suitable for use with small- and medium-sized mills. A heavy-duty unit, it is intended to be a replacement for chuck-style weld boxes when processing high-yield-strength material. It has a single-point lubrication system on the operator side for convenience

T&H Lemont

The weld box has a single-point lubrication system for convenience and safety


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