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A path to sustainable tube manufacturing with Wogaard coolants and oil solutions

reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing activities,” Mr Hutt explained. “Of course, we want to support clients making cost savings and improving their manufacturing processes, but together we have a bigger mission, which is to become more sustainable to support the environment. With thousands of units supplied globally, saving millions of litres of coolant every day, we are proud that we are achieving this.” Mr Hutt explained that spreading the message of sustainability has not always been easy: “We sometimes encounter negative mindsets. Therefore, we often find it more effective to highlight how much our products will save them in terms of resources, and then mention they are also good for the environment.”

SUSTAINABILITY is coming to the forefront for all businesses. Many important decisions going forward will have an impact on the environment, economy and society. Machinery parts manufacturer, Wogaard has released its vision to encompass all the elements and provide oil and coolant solutions that optimise manufacturing processes and make them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. “At Wogaard, we like to say that we are in the business of saving oil/coolant costs, the environment and improving health and safety a lot of tick marks for any manufacturing business,” said Jason Hutt, managing director of Wogaard. “We realise sustainability will have a significant impact on people, society, and the environment. So, the manufacturing industry needs to work hard to reduce its effect on nature and climate.”

Wogaard’s flagship product, the Coolant Saver, was designed with cost saving in mind, as it involved a solution to reclaim the good coolant from the swarf bin and return it to the machine. It is designed to enable companies to save money by improving efficiency, protect the environment and reducing disposal costs by cutting down waste, and keep their working area cleaner by diminishing the amount of mess left in the swarf bin. “Over the last decade we have assisted hundreds of businesses in


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