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Precision tube rolling mill measurements MASSDISCOVER is a new device that can be used to measure mass flow in real time and, using calculations, the equivalent section or diameter. It uses an innovative technology that allows measurements to be taken with the highest precision in order to make decisions about the process control. It has been used and tested at several rolling mills in harsh conditions and the results have been excellent. MASSdiscover helps with fine tuning of size adjustments on long product rolling mill technology for metals. Mass flow measurement is essential to control production parameters and avoid accidents. To date, expensive systems have been used for production optimisation, usually based on laser measurement, vision or other image analysis systems even electromagnetic technology.

MASSdiscover helps companies to adjust tolerances, allowing customers to achieve a mini tolerance for longer product for reinforced steel for example. In addition, when the size and speed of the material does not match the parameters of the rollers, accidents can occur. An example are the cobbles. This is why ISEND goes further. The system not only helps to adjust the tolerances but also helps to ensure a good configuration of the production processes. Due to the low cost and the fact that MASSdiscover is a modular system, it can be placed at different checkpoints on the mill. In this way, the most critical aspects of production can be monitored under each customer preferences, offering an excellent level of production control for the user.

All of these gauges have limitations, as they are not designed to control different points in the rolling mill, but only one point in the production process. ISEND has found a highly reliable solution based on eddy currents, completely modular and conceived to fit the needs of each production line without a high level of investment. Mass Discover is based on the already well-known eddy current technology for long product rolling giving an electromagnetic signal depending on the fill factor produced in the probe.

Rolling mills for long metal products production starts with a billet that is passed through several rolls to get the desired final size and cross-section product. The metal processing industry’s high standards in terms of dimensional accuracy and product quality, added to the lack of control over production parameters, often leads mills to deliver extra tons of steel, as it is difficult to delimiter quantity with high precision. Thus, rolling mills manufacturers suffer money losses.


ABB Robotics and HASCO create joint venture to drive smar t manufacturing

which – as one of the largest automotive manufacturing marketplaces – will play a pivotal role in delivering a sustainable transport future.” As the automotive industry’s transition towards electric vehicles gathers pace, parts manufacturers must increasingly invest in flexible facilities that can respond to rapidly changing demands and trends. The partnership between ABB Robotics and HASCO, which includes a 40 per cent stake by ABB in the joint venture, will expand the use of smart technologies and artificial intelligence within the industry. Both parties agreed not to disclose any further details about the investment.

AUTOMATION company, ABB, and Chinese automotive parts supplier, HASCO, have announced the creation of a joint venture to drive the next generation of smart manufacturing in China’s automotive industry. The joint venture will build on the existing relationship between the two companies, leading to the development of highly flexible and sustainable auto parts manufacturing within HASCO’s China-based operations. “With the automotive industry facing its greatest transformation since its inception and sales of electric vehicles set to overtake combustion vehicles in many parts of the world by 2035, there is a clear need to support the transition of the industry,” said Sami Atiya, president of ABB Robotics and discrete automation. “This joint venture will enable us to further develop HASCO’s leading position with automated solutions that benefit customers in China

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