TPT May 2022


ISTech customised sawing and cutting systems ISTECH is a company known for its standard and customised solutions to meet all quality metal cutting requirements. Sawing machines and cutting systems are designed and manufactured to last, however when they need a service, ISTech aims to respond as quickly and effectively as possible. ISTech credits is success to the willingness of the technical and commercial staff to provide information and advice without obligation when its needed. The company said: “Service is not just about maintenance in the fortunately rare event of a fault: there are many occasions when a customer may require help from the manufacturer. Clarification of the operation or potential of a newly purchased sawing machine, advice to identify the most suitable model for production requirements or to design a customised solution, a suggestion on the type of blade to be used for a specific process or material: on these occasions the support of an expert is useful.” “ISTech understands how important reliability and continuity in production are: if maintenance is required, the company’s staff act quickly, wherever the machinery is located.” ISTech’s telephone support is also available to solve minor problems remotely. In addition the company runs tailor-made training courses to enable its customers’ staff to get the most out of the machines. ISTech offers different service packages, tailored to the actual needs of the company, in order to minimise interference with production plans. Its numerical control systems also offer the advantage of remote assistance: the intervention can be carried out by ISTech technicians directly from the company’s premises, with reduced costs and very fast times.

ISTech’s experience with sawing machines has enabled the company to identify the parts most subject to stress and most likely to require replacement, but it does not neglect parts with less rotation or components from older models



MAY 2022

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