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KASTO offers sawing range that meets the needs of small and mid-sized tube companies

is 260mm for round material and 310 x 260mm for flat material. The KASTOmicut 4.6 is available in two models: the bandsaw KASTOmicut E 4.6, featuring a manual swivel frame, operates in a cutting range of 335mm for round material and 460 x 335mm for flat material. It is designed specifically for single-sided mitre angles and is suitable for cuts from zero to +60 degrees. The cutting range of the semi-automatic, double sided swivel frame bandsaw KASTOmicut U 4.6 is 335mm for round material and 520 x 335mm for flat material. It enables mitre cuts from -45 to +60 degrees. KASTO recently expanded the micut-series with the fully-automatic band sawing machine micut AE 4.6. This bandsaw is based on the KASTOmicut E 4.6 and offers users an array of advantages: for example, a precision ball screw drive and round guide enables the feed vice to be positioned precisely. As a result, cut-piece lengths can be cut with a high degree of accuracy. The cutting range of the new model expands up to 335 x 460mm for flat materials; single-sided mitre cuts of up to 60° are possible depending on the material geometry and dimensions. The continuous endless saw blade facilitates cost-effective and uninterrupted cutting and reduces the material loss. The automatic straight cut bandsaw KASTOverto A 2 is one of this segment’s established and proven machines. Users have a very compact machine at their disposal with this bandsaw designed for the cutting range 260mm in diameter, 320 x 260mm for flat and 260 x 260mm for square material. The automatic bandsaw operates fully hydraulically with a vertically running and horizontally moving saw blade for serial cuts of solid material, tubes and profiles made from easy or difficult-to-cut materials. For this purpose, the cutting speed can be varied between twelve and 120mm per minute, depending on the geometry and material. The hydraulic feed of the saw head can also be infinitely adjusted from up to 300mm per minute.

SMALL and mid-sized companies in industry and trade often process series with lower batch sizes and must be able to react flexibly to a wide variety of requests. To achieve this, they need reliable sawing machines that are easy to operate and tailored precisely to their requirements. Sawing and storage technology company KASTO provides solutions tailored to the requirements of smaller and mid-sized companies. The compact and universal machines KASTOhbs and KASTOpsb, KASTOmicut 2.6 and 4.6, KASTOverto A 2, and KASTOwin A 3.3 and A 4.6 are versatile, simple to operate and facilitate high sawing quality. A KASTO hacksaw is suitable for those who only saw metal occasionally. The machines can be used universally and are easy to operate, have a good price/performance ratio and take up very little space in a workshop or hall. The KASTOhbs hacksaws have an infinitely variable saw feed, two cutting speeds, a pendulum vice, a coolant system and an automatic limit stop. The cutting range is 210mm for round material and 240 x 160mm for flat material. The fully hydraulic KASTOpsb high-speed hacksaws are suitable for larger sawing tasks. The universal hydraulic system enables exclusive or alternating cutting of thin and thick-walled profiles and solid material without changing saw blade. The motor, up to four kilowatts, ensures good results in round and flat material. The KASTOpsb 2 cuts round material up to 280mm and flat material up to 280 x 160mm. The KASTOpsb 4 can handle round material up to 400mm in diameter and flat material up to 400 x 240mm. The saws feature six cutting speeds, an infinitely variable saw feed with hydraulic cutting pressure load, a pendulum vice and a coolant system. For workshops, KASTO’s range of products includes the versatile swivel frame bandsaw KASTOmicut. These saws are designed for efficient crosscuts and mitre cuts of tubes, profiles and solid material. The cutting range of the KASTOmicut 2.6

The fully automatic bandsawing machines from the KASTOwin series were consistently designed for serial and production sawing of solid materials, tubes and profiles. The modern high performance automatic bandsaw KASTOwin A 3.3 is suitable for cutting easy or difficult-to-cut materials in small batch sizes and large series. Its cutting range is 330mm for round material and 350 x 330mm for flat material. Users benefit from the quickmovements thanks to the servo drives and ball bearing screws for material feed and linear guided saw frames and the automatic adjustment of the band guide arm. The sawing machine can be quickly and easily programmed via the colour touchscreen. Users who process larger workpieces can also turn to the KASTOwin A 4.6 to reap the benefits of this series. The cutting range of this fully automatic bandsawing machine is 460mm for round material and 460 x 460mm for flat material.

KASTO’s range of products includes the versatile, semi-automatic, double-sided swivel frame bandsaw KASTOmicut U 4.6



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