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Kusakabe delivers the largest, fastest and smallest tube and pipe mills

will be considerably higher than the current 800ft per minute when cutting 10ft lengths. To achieve high production speeds the most critical component of the tube mill is the cut off – Kusakabe offers a range of cut offs for this purpose and the high-speed punch cut off is the one selected for this application. Kusakabe has also recently developed the world smallest return flow (back flush type) impeder for automotive stabiliser tube production. Kusakabe has supplied several Asian countries with tube mills for the production of automotive stabiliser tubing. Being able to produce small diameter stabiliser tubing provides the producer with a large cost advantage. Stabiliser tubing is made from Boron steels, for example 34Mn B5, and as such it is critical to keep the coolant away from the weld seam during the welding process. The return flow impeder is critical for the manufacture of small diameter, thick walled, exotic steel tubing and achieving a high-quality weld seam on a continuous basis. Kusakabe aims to offer the best-in class tube or pipe mill manufacturer to assist them to achieve their specific tube production goals.

travels on a vertical wall frame and this structure allows the operators safe and easy access to the carriage for cleaning, tool changes and maintenance. The world’s fastest inline, high speed punch cut off is also currently being commissioned and will soon be in operation. The cut off is part of an electrical conduit tube mill, which has been installed at a leading electrical conduit tube manufacturer in North America. The maximum line speed

KUSAKABE, a leading international tube and pipe mill and premium cutoff manufacturer, specialises in developing highly innovative machines that have not previously been supplied to the tube and pipe industry. Kusakabe has recently delivered the world’s largest orbital saw cut off to a leading structural pipe manufacturer in North America. The saw is in operation and can cut RHS up to 34" by 10" with a thickness of 1". The saw carriage

Kusakabe has delivered the world largest orbital saw cut off to a leading structural pipe manufacturer in North America

Kusakabe Electric & Machinery Co Ltd T&H Lemont ships DH8-20 Duplex roll former

T&H LEMONT, a manufacturer of tube and pipe mills, has shipped a new DH8-20 Duplex roll former machine to an existing customer in the Southwestern US that is looking to expand its capacity in its current markets. The 20 station roll former machine will produce various steel shelves. The Duplex roll former machine has rotating and movable heads, which gives the customer the flexibility to produce different edge profiles with different panel widths.

T&H Lemont

The 20 station roll former machine will produce various steel shelves


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