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Winoa Group unveils new identity, branding and strategy as it embraces green future

carbon emission plan and all abrasives manufactured by Winoa are 100 per cent recyclable. Finally, the group has announced a global alignment between all its subsidiaries. As the company has grown through global acquisitions, some of them previously kept their name and identification, rather than capitalising on the identity lever of Winoa. However, a plan has now been launched to unify all of the group’s entities under the name of Winoa. Winoa’s activities are divided into three business lines including abrasives, services and complementary technologies. These activities are mainly focused on surface treatment solutions in the field of desanding and surface preparation before coating or cutting.

WINOA GROUP, the steel abrasives company, has revealed its new ambitions and branding. The aim behind those changes is to position itself on the market as “a leading partner of innovative and eco-friendly surface preparation solutions” and not just an abrasives manufacturer. Winoa previously marketed services and technologies under its brand, W Abrasives. To increase the awareness of its wider offering, the company has now created two new brands: W Care, which is related to the services offer, and W Tech for all complementary products, tools and technologies. The group has also announced its growth plan for the next years, based on three pillars: the offer agenda with a portfolio expansion, the green agenda with new sustainable commitments and the digital agenda with industry 4.0 implementations. This vision

As well as W Abrasives, Winoa has created two new brands: W Care and W Tech

towards the future is supported by a new Winoa logo. The grey colour refers to its core business, metallic surfaces and abrasive medias, while the green dot represents its involvement in sustainable development, as the company is preparing a global reduction

Winoa Group


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