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Pendle Engineering enhances its tube working capabilities with BLM

had to upgrade our existing tube processing capacity,” said Chris Smith, managing director, Pendle Engineering. “We had a history with BLM for tube bending over many years so when it came to upgrading our 15-year-old tube laser it made sense to talk to them and put a bending and laser package together. A big advantage in doing that was the ability for the controls on the BLM benders and the Laser Tube to communicate with each other and the ease of use of the BLM software and offline programming was also a significant factor. The less time a machine is idle the better.” The BLM Laser Tube LT-FIBER EVO is a highly capable machine available with either a 2kW or 3kW fibre laser and the capacity to cut round tube up to 152.4mm diameter or square tube up to 120 x 120mm section. Productivity is enhanced by the standard bundle loading facility which is capable of handling up to 4000kg of material to a maximum length of 8.5m. BLM Group has also developed a number of patented technologies to maximise productivity, these include a series of ’Active-Tools’ such as Active-Focus, which makes automatic adjustments to compensate for variations in material thicknesses; Active-Scan ensures highly accurate parts even with tubes that are poorly dimensioned; Active-Speed adapts all of the cutting data to achieve the highest quality cut at the highest output; while Active-Pierce, which boosts piercing reliability and speed, especially on thicker materials. The BLM Laser Tube LT-FIBER EVO machine’s cutting capabilities are enhanced by the software systems from BLM Group. A range of systems enhance production, whether that be the patented Artube 3D CAD/CAM system, a straightforward solution to take the user from the concept to finished part as easily as possible. ProTube Express and Enterprise are also invaluable tools for production control, estimating and general management functions. And, of course, all BLM systems are compatible

PENDLE Engineering is a sub-contract supplier of steelwork that focuses on tube and flat sheet manipulation along with extensive turning, milling, robotic and manual Mig and Tig welding and powder paint and design capabilities. The company has recently branched out into manufacturing a range of bicycle racks, trailers and storage under its sister company Pendle Bike Racks. Due to its growth, Pendle has enhanced its tube working capabilities by bringing in additional BLM ELECT 52 and E-TURN 32 tube benders alongside a BLM Laser Tube LT-FIBER EVO fibre optic, fully-automated laser tube cutting system. “Business has been increasing, especially with increased orders for Pendle Bike Racks, so we knew we

with Industry 4.0 requirements allowing them to be integrated, not only with other BLM machines, but automation and other compatible technology. “We are already seeing the benefits of increased productivity, even though we are not running at 100 per cent yet. With the BLM Laser Tube LT-FIBER EVO it is faster, the nesting capability brings a reduction in waste and we can cut more complex components. However, the operation of the machine and software is much simpler, which will allow us to introduce a 3rd shift as and when required,” added Mr Smith. “We’re looking forward to fully understanding the potential capability and capacity before driving growth.” The two new BLM tube benders com pleted the machine package and give additional capability to Pendle Engi neering. Our existing E-TURN 40 gave us good left- and right-hand bending capacity, but the new E-TURN 32 gives us greater flexibility for smaller diameter tube up to 30mm diameter, while the ELECT 52 provides a cost-effective so lution for tube up to 50mm diameter. “Bending is critical to what we do, so we need a reliable supplier for machines, service and support, and BLM also has an added human element to its support. In total the investment in the BLM laser and tube benders was over £1mn and it was a big decision for us, but we are here for the long-term. Having this capability ensures that we can catch any opportunities that come our way, especially as we talk to customers about reshoring and recovery from the pandemic. It was definitely a decision worth taking and we are already seeing business improving,” added Mr Smith. The BLM Laser Tube LT-FIBER EVO with its ease of use and efficiency is helping Pendle Engineering meet increased demand

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