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Haul-offs and planetary saws for large diameter pipes with wide wall thickness

IPM model TPK saws allow it to follow the extrusion speed and cut the PE pipes with a clean-cut surface, without dust or chips. To cut wide pipe wall thickness with a maximum of 160mm, IPM machines exploit the technology of the flat disk: this disk rotates freely and allows a clean cut without heating the pipe’s surface. Thanks to these characteristics the cut obtained is perfectly perpendicular to the pipe axis, clean without burr, and with a smooth cut surface. This means the pipe installation is facilitated, because the two pipes can be matched more easily, without unevenness, and the connection is simple. After the cut these big diameter pipes can be tilted on wooden pallets for transport.

amount of pressure exerted on the pipe surface. This way, the pipe is always perfectly round and not ovalised, thanks to the constant maintained pressure, without fluctuations. The sturdy frame of the haul-off and the high grip of the caterpillars on the pipe’s surface, are a major benefit of IPM machines that can be confirmed by the pipe producers around the world that have chosen IPM products in their factories. At the beginning of the extrusion, the pipe entering the haul-off might get stuck in the caterpillars: this cannot happen in IPM machines, thanks to the tilting system that allows a smooth entry of the pipe. With regards to the big diameter PE pipes, IPM also produces very strong winches that pull the pipe at the extrusion start. After the pulling of the haul-off, the extruded pipe enters the planetary saw:

WHEN it comes to the production of big diameter pipes, made of PE Polyethylene, there are many specific aspects that have to be considered and managed. For instance the wide wall thickness of the pipes, that increases accordingly to the pipe diameter: up to 160mm of wall thickness, for a pipe diameter of 1,800 to 2,000mm diameter. IPM, the Italian designer and producer of machinery and automatic devices for the extrusion of plastic pipes, has developed a wide range of haul-offs, planetary saws and ancillary machines, specifically designed to handle the production of perfectly round, heavy and sturdy PE pipes. The haul-offs model TR, with 10 to 12 caterpillars accordingly to the diameter, feature a fine and high reliable anti crushing system: it allows the pipe producer to decide and set on the VT the


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