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A new player in the tube cutting tool industry AZAK Tool Technologies was founded in 2018 as a result of observing the product needs in the market and using the expe rience and knowledge of Ağır Haddecilik AŞ gained in the sector over many years. The company has based its activities on specialising in the field of cutting tools and supplying quality products to world markets. After a few years of preliminary research, it started production with the HSS circular saw product. creates a negative situation in terms of the delivery time of these products and create a monopolisation environment in terms of price competition.

Turkey is recognised as one of the world's leading countries in pipe and profile manufacturing and steel manu facturing fields. In this regard, serious in vestments were made in advanced tech nologies for the production of welded pipes and mass production capabilities were significantly improved. As the man ufacturing capacity of these products in creases, the need for consumables used in the manufacture of the products also increases and this creates a large mar ket demand for these and similar ma terials. We can definitely consider HSS circular saws as one of these products. By the help of our marketing activities, we are exporting 70 per cent of our pro duction. We have already become a ma jor player in some key export markets. What is the current state of your business and investment? Despite the pandemic situation affect ing the whole world, we created both an important domestic sales network and exported our product to 42 country mar kets in a very short time. In this process, one of the points that makes us most happy is that we have become the con stant supplier of our customers in both domestic and foreign markets. What are your future goals? As the next step, we plan to continue our investments in the field of cutting tools by starting the production of saw body, TCT circular saw, tissue cutting blade and circular cutting blade product groups. In the medium term, we plan to expand our worldwide presence and network by establishing collaborations with reliable partners. In parallel with this, we aim to improve our product quality. We want to improve our after-sales technical sup port and quality with the concept of cer tified sharpening service. To ensure this, we plan to create and authorise certified sharpening service points worldwide. In this context, we opened our first com pany, Azak GmbH, in Germany in Sep tember. We plan to significantly increase our market share in Europe in 2022.

such as chromium, vanadium, molyb denum, tungsten and cobalt as alloying elements in different proportions ac cording to their intended use. As in all other tool steels, heat treatment and de sign must be applied correctly in order to obtain the expected properties in high speed steels. Many companies that produce circu lar saw blades purchase the raw mate rial directly as semi-finished products and then complete the process by going through the toothing and coating pro cesses in their own facilities. We carry out this process by performing all opera tions such as heat treatment, tempering, honing, grinding, threading and coating of the raw material that we receive as an unprocessed product in our own inte grated production facility. What industries do you serve? We offer services to all sectors of the in dustry. All sectors where solid materials are shaped and cut are our field of work. In this context, we can provide products and services in sectors such as pipe and profile production, automotive in dustry, furniture production, construction industry and many more. Can you give us information about your markets? When the Turkish and world markets for HSS circular saws are examined, the low number of suppliers and the absence of a domestic manufacturer in Turkey both

Its production facility was established on a total area of 45,000m 2 in Dilovası Industrial Zone, which is 70km from Is tanbul. It started production in a closed area of 3,000m 2 initially, and this figure reached a closed area of 8,600m 2 with continued investments over two years. In the next five years, the company aims to reach a closed working area of ap proximately 40,000m 2 . The production facility is equipped with the latest technology machinery and equipment, including heat treatment furnaces, machines for various grinding processes, threading machines, coating machines and a laboratory. One of the main factors that directly affect performance of the product in cut ting tool applications is the coating pro cess. Azak is also working with universi ties on this issue in order to increase the high performance its coatings provides to customers. It has now come to a point where it can offer coating options spe cific to the processes of the end-users. What are your company's activities? High speed steel (HSS) is defined as a tool material that is capable of cutting materials at high speed values. The most important reasons for using this type of steel are the high hardness of the saw material and its resistance to wear. Such steels have high hardness, good resistance to wear and impact. High speed steels contain elements

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