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Condesa Fabril reduces its energy consumption by 30 per cent

company has achieved a reduction of more than 30 per cent. It replaced a valve unit with an EMMEDI silicon carbide unit which was the line with the highest production. “We measured consumption before and after changing the equipment and the result is an energy saving of around 40 per cent. Measuring consumption for the entire line, the savings are between 28-30 per cent,” Mr Rocandio added. In the production of automotive tubing, the level of demand on welding quality is very high. The sector’s requirements for this characteristic mean that destructive and non-destructive tests must be carried out continuously. Changing a piece of equipment in operation under these conditions for a new one implies a high risk. Mr Rocandio added: “There were no difficulties in the implementation. The new equipment is very small in size

THE Condesa Group, a European manufacturer of welded steel tubes and profiles that is part of the Arcelor Mittal Group, has achieved a 30 per cent reduction in energy consumption on a complete line. One of the company’s challenges is to improve efficiency in its four production plants. The consumption of welding equipment has always been one of the most important costs in tube manufacturing. Currently, this point is the most critical in the viability of this industry. Ibón Rocandio, process engineer at Condesa Fabril, said: “In 2018, when they presented their SiC technology, we saw that its efficiency and operation under any circumstances could help us achieve our goals. It was a strong bet, but we had full confidence in the capacity of the EMMEDI team.” In the first precision tube line, the

In the first precision tube line, the company has achieved a reduction of more than 30 per cent

and the interconnection of the control elements is already preconfigured.”

Condesa Fabril

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