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TMK invites oilfield services innovators to pilot solutions following launch of sourcing platform

The start-ups will benefit from an accelerated project review process, as well as from the opportunity to fine-tune their solutions to match TMK’s specific needs and launch a pilot. Applicants can find a full list of the areas where TMK is looking for pilots on the programme’s website, where they can also apply. There is no deadline for applications. Both legal entities and individuals are invited, as well as R&D institutions and centres that are ready to present their solutions as at least minimum viable products. TMK

manufacture of artificial fertilisers and steel. New H 2 applications such as fuel cell vehicles would further increase future demand. To contribute to the energy transition, this hydrogen needs to be ‘green’ instead of being derived from fossil fuels – for example without producing CO 2 in the process. This will require large hydrogen electro lysers. These consist of several stacks of electrolysis cells. For safe operation, the individual stacks require protection against overpressure with safety valves. For Alkaline electrolysers, the SV 805 model is ideal, with an opening pressure settable anywhere in the range 0.5 to 45 bar, with operating temperatures up to 150°C. The valves open when the set pressure is reached and safely protect workers and sensitive equipment from overpressure. Despite their small size, Sergey Rekin, CEO of TMK-Premium Service, said: “We have a track-record of many years of successful R&D, working both independently and in partnership with our customers major oil and gas companies. To accelerate this further, TMK-Premium Service is launching a selection process for technology-driven projects from outside our company. “We aim to build a robust framework for testing and implementing breakthrough solutions introduced by external parties, to enable us to respond faster to market demands, integrate services, improve the technical performance of our products, and enhance our business processes. We hope to have at least five projects piloted in 2022.”

New Safety valves fromWitt Gas provide the required precision and flow capacity for electrolysers for green hydrogen. Green hydrogen, which is an important building block of the energy transition away from CO 2 emissions, is produced by electrolysis using renewable energy and for maximum safety, electrolysers need reliable safety valves. The WITT safety valves AV 619 and AV 919 perfectly match the target pressure and temperature ranges of PEM and Solid Oxide electrolysers. The opening pressure can be set accurately anywhere in range 5 to 500 mbar. The operating temperature can be anywhere up to 250°C. Historically and currently, enormous amounts of hydrogen are needed for key industrial processes such as the TMK-Premium Service, part of TMK, has launched TMK-Premium Service Pilot Track, a platform to source innovation from outside the company. Under the programme, TMK-Premium Service will select and test start-up initiatives covering various aspects of premium tubular services for the oil & gas industry as well as the development of high tech threaded connections and business process optimisation. The company is focusing on AR/ VR-based digital solutions to improve occupational health and safety, solutions for high-tech labelling and end-to end accounting for pipe and tubular products, corrosion monitoring, M2M and IoT projects, electronic document management, and hydrogen energy.

Witt Gas presents safety valves for H 2 electrolysers for green hydrogen

The valves allow high flow rates, making them also suitable for large installations

the valves allow high flow rates, making them also suitable for large installations. The valves are available with the elastomers required for hydrogen, including EPDM or FFKM (also known as FFPM). WITT safety relief valves are oil and grease-free, can be installed in any position, and are available with various inlet and outlet connections and in different materials, including stainless steel or aluminium (AV 919). Optionally, WITT offer TÜV Certification of individual valves’ set pressures. Witt Gas

Tubacex sells Tubos Mecánicos to Hierros Añón Spanish steel pipe producer, Tubacex, has sold its non-strategic asset, Tubos Mecánicos, to the Galician metallurgical group Hierros Añón. balance sheet and address its future growth in line with the energy transition.

Madrid and Valencia. It began its activity in 1973 and has always been linked to the Tubacex Group, even though in recent years there were no synergies with the group’s businesses. Tubacex Group

Tubos Mecánicos is a distributor of carbon steel bars and tubes purchased from third parties for industrial sectors in the national market, with six warehouses in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Alava, Galicia,

The sale was for €25mn (final additional adjustments to be included) and has allowed the company to reinforce its



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