TPT May 2022

T UBE 2022

Specialists in tube end forming WECOTECH AG is a technology com pany that specialises in tube end form ing machines for automotive, chimney, truck, motorbike, aviation, aerospace, burning chambers, scaffolding, fresh and wastewater, ventilation, solar heat, oil extraction and many other applica tions. Wecotech aims to meet the unique technical demands of the customers using its considerable technical ability. Wecotech has its own training facilities and constant professional training is supported and promoted. The design of the machines is also developed with respect for the envi ronment impact. Wecotech strives to develop production processes char acterised by enhanced environmental compatibility.

5 J19

• Chipless forming radial • Chipless forming axial • Chipless cutting, shearing • Machining • Deburring (brushing)

Wecotech is at the beginning and at the end of the tube. There are unlimited possibilities with Wecotech tools and machines; developed by specialists for specialists.

Wecotech AG

Chipless forming radial (also pictured right)

100% made in Italy T I M E T O C U T

TCT, HSS, Segmental, friction and band saw blades for steel, non ferrous metals and alloys; Diameter 80÷3200 mm - Kerf 1,2 ÷ 14 mm - Pitch 6 ÷ 180 mm

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