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T UBE 2022

Mazak to display tube laser machine YAMAZAKI Mazak will be showcasing its new laser cutting machine, specifically designed for the high-speed cutting of small diameter pipe at Tube 2022.

5 C17

for the first time in Europe at Tube 2022, is capable of cutting round, square and rectangular pipe with diameters up to 152.4mm, dimensions which are typically used in the construction, furniture and architectural industries and also for vehicle body frames. The machine can cut a wide variety of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium. The FT-150 FIBER is designed for maximum productivity and can perform multiple processes, including cutting, tapping and thermal drilling. It reduces in-process time required for pipe workpieces and negates the need for processes such as punch press, deburring and hole tapping. The FT-150 FIBER also has a number of features to deliver accurate and high quality cutting. These include support units for long workpiece material to prevent sagging during the cut and a tilting laser head that enables highly

The new FT-150 FIBER is available in four different options, each with a 3kW resonator, that can be specified dependent upon the length of the workpiece material being machined, from 6,500mm up to 8,000mm. Mr Gaetano Lo Guzzo, director laser business Europe, said: “The new FT 150 FIBER further enhances our fibre laser cutting capabilities with a machine specifically designed the high speed and high accuracy cutting of small diameter pipe. The exceptional productivity delivered by for the combination the fibre resonator, ultra-fast feedrates, the capability to machine multiple different processes and the bundle loader automation, makes the FT-150 FIBER ideal for volume manufacturers looking to make a step-change in their laser processing capabilities.” The machine, which will be exhibited

The laser cutting machine is specifically designed for the high speed cutting of small diameter pipe

accurate bevel cutting, along with an internal spatter guard that prevents burning to the internal workpiece surface. There are also options for a rotary tool spindle for tapping holes and thermal drilling. The FT-150 FIBER is also equipped with a number of automatic functions, including auto-profiler calibration and nozzle cleaning to further enhance productivity. Yamazaki Mazak will be exhibiting in Hall 5 at Stand C17.

Yamazaki Mazak


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