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Automatic multiple-station tube finishing machine with loading and unloading systems

NS MÁQUINAS has developed a flexible six-station automatic tube finishing machine, which includes upgraded loading and unloading systems. The MLW100 6Z AT wet tube finishing machine benefits from the ML Planetary System. This system, already present in all NS Máquinas ML solutions, consists of two abrasive belts, which rotate around the tube while it is passing through the finishing heads. Since the tube is not rotating, as often happens with other tube finishing systems, vibration is kept to a minimum. This is a particular advantage when considering long tubes (6 or 12m) or tubes of large diameters. Although the standard machine can handle tubes up to Ø114mm, NS Máquinas has models that can finish tubes up to Ø310mm. The automatic loading and unloading systems mean the whole process is automated and does not need an operator. From the moment the tubes are placed on the loading table, all of the tube transport is carried out automatically. The tube is inserted into the planetary finishing heads by a set of rubber rollers and travels through the six stations. The abrasive belts are actuated, station after station, by the signal from the sensors. After the last station the tubes are again handled by rubber clamping rollers, which bring the tubes to an unloading station where they are kept separated from each other, avoiding any type of minor scratch. In this way a perfect final finish is ensured. A special inspection area can also be supplied at the end of the unloading table. Different numbers of stations can be supplied. A six-station design enables the user to remove imperfections from tube surfaces and to deliver a very fine roughness, which can even be below

Automatic tube finishing machine

system is a safe, simple and reliable solution. The equipment is incorporated onto the machine body and easily slides out for paper filter replacement and cleaning. Warning messages are displayed on the touchscreen when the water level is low or the paper filter needs changing. High safety standards have also been applied to the machine. Multiple safety devices were incorporated in order to guarantee the operator’s safety all around the machine. Sensors have been installed around the active areas of the machine and physical barriers on moving elements. Laser safety fences, warning sounds and lights have also been added. MLW100 6Z AT is supplied with a powerful mobile touchscreen control where the main functions can be actuated. Staged finishing is also possible with the control. Selecting only certain areas of the tube to be finished and selecting which stations will perform it can easily be programmed and stored on the system. This software enables the user to set automatic finishing station cleaning when the machine is not operating. It also includes an energy saving system, which will switch off the finishing heads whenever a tube is not being processed.

0.1 Ra. Such a high level of fine surface can be suitable either for stainless steel polishing or – in the case of steel and brass – when a further final coating is applied, such as chrome plating. Removing every imperfection before the coating takes places can be crucial to guarantee that no minor defects will be visible after the plating process. Set-ups with a lower number of stations are available in order to meet different application requirements. MLW100 6Z AT can finish tubes from 360mm long up to 6m. In addition, tubes with different lengths can be processed in the same batch. Despite the main application for these machines being round tubes and pipes, due to the ML Planetary System’s flexibility, different shapes can be finished on request. Oval tubes, D-shaped profiles, threaded rods and slotted or drilled tubes can be processed, keeping the quality and maintaining the reduced vibration that this system provides. The machine also features a water- cooling system. This automatic filtration and pumping system cools down the temperature of the tube. This is particularly significant as the number of finishing stations rises. The equipment also dispenses with dust filtration systems, as the water is directed to every finishing station and continuously keeps these areas clean. When processing potentially explosive metal dust, this

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