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You have tube and pipe to produce.

We can help you do that.

Guild International o ers complete entry systems for your tube and pipe production lines that can be customized to accommodate your particular needs. Our entry systems may include an uncoiler, speed funnel, shearwelder, accumulator, or anything else you may require.

Guild International can design and build the coil joining and mill entry equipment you need to keep your lines up and running smoothly and pro tably. We are the leader in supplying coil joining and

mill entry equipment for the tube and pipe and steel processing industries around the world. Isn’t it time to put Guild’s experience and expertise to work on your tube and pipe production lines?

World Leader in Coil Joining Equipment for the Steel Processing, Tube Producing and Stamping Industries Since 1958 +1.440.232.5887 USA

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Airmo Inc.................................................26 AMETEK Fine Tubes. .............................10 Barnshaws Section Benders.......26, 36, 52 BESA.......................................................56 BLM Group..............................................48 Bültmann GmbH. ....................................27 Bystronic.................................................47 CML International SpA............................53 Danieli.....................................................39 DieTronic Srl. ..........................................12 DNV. .......................................................58 FOBA Laser. ...........................................35 Gräbener Maschinentechnik GmbH...28, 50 Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer...........................14 Huntingdon Fusion Techniques...............30 INEOS.....................................................60 ISEND SA. ..............................................38 JKZ Bučovice ..........................................44

KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.......44 Friedrich Kocks & Co KG........................25 Lander Tubular Products.........................48 Lang Tube Tec. .......................................42 Magnetic Analysis Corp. .........................32 McElroy...................................................56 Metalube.................................................20 Miros Group............................................57 Optimate GmbH......................................47 Parker Hannifin .......................................57 Pipeline Infrastructure Limited. ...............58 The Plastics Pipe Institute Inc.................59 Polytec GmbH...........................................8 Poppe + Potthoff.....................................63 Primetals Technologies...............16, 18, 40 Protem USA LLC.....................................36 Randolph Tool Co Inc..............................32 Saet Emmedi. .........................................30

Salzgitter AG...........................................18 Sikora AG..........................................38, 45 SINOPEC................................................60 SMS group..............................................34 Stark........................................................14 Steel Asia................................................20 Subsea 7.................................................57 T&H Lemont..............................................7 Talleres y Aceros SA de CV....................16 Tenova . ...................................................20 Thermatool Corp.....................................42 thyssenkrupp Steel Europe.....................39 TICA........................................................56 Tubacex. .................................................62 Unison Tube LLC....................................52 Valve World Expo ....................................22 Xiris Automation Inc..................................8 Yamazaki Mazak.......................................6




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November issue • Business & market news

The trade magazine for tube and pipe products

November 2022

• Analysing and optimising tube handling, maintenance and cleaning processes

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Inspection and measurement system provides total in line solution for critical tube and pipe products By LaserLinc OTOMES – modular, flexible hardware and software for slitting lines, process lines, tube mills and finishing By Luca Ferraguti, product manager, Fives OTO SpA


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The November Issue Welcome to the latest issue of

November/December 2022 Vol 35 No 6

Tube & Pipe Technology magazine. I was very happy to attend my second successful tube trade event this year when I travelled to Tube SE Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rory McBride – Editor in chief

Following a successful return for Tube Düsseldorf early in the year, it was good to take our magazine further afield, which is something the magazine has always prided itself upon. I met people from the tube industry from all corners of SE Asia and also Australia and many were keen to find out about the latest technology featured on our pages. It is clear that a lot of expansion of tube production facilities is taking place as many areas in SE Asia undertake huge modernisation of their infrastructure. A heartening aspect was a focus on green technology and green steel as the companies invest in technology that is both good for the environment and the global economy. Our next issue of TPT will be in January 2023 and will have features on tube straightening technology & equipment; cutting technology, sawing & saw blades; and tube finishing, end finishing & super finishing. Our Tube Products INTERNATIONAL section will have a focus on fittings, valves, flanges & connectors; and OCTG, gas & pipeline products. The editorial and advertising deadline for the January issue is 2 December 2022. If you would like to contribute any news or technical articles to TPT or TPi then please contact me at: Enjoy the magazine.


The international magazine for the tube & pipe industries

On the cover . . . The roots of EFD Induction go back to the launch in 1950 of a universal induction hardening machine by the German company


VOL 35 NO 6


ISSN: 0953-2366


Induktionserwärmung Fritz Düsseldorf GmbH (FDF).

While FDF was expanding in the 1970s, an induction revolution was

taking place in Norway, where engineers had figured out how to transistorise frequency converters for induction heating. In 1981 three of those engineers founded ELVA Induksjon AS. In 1983 they unveiled the Minac range of mobile converters. Workpieces no longer had to be brought at great cost to a stationary induction heater – the heater could now go to the piece. In 1991 the managing directors of FDF and ELVA met by chance. They talked and speculated. FDF was strong in stationary induction hardening machines. ELVA was the agile innovator with a track record in finding new applications for induction heating. What if the two companies got together? In January 1996 FDF and ELVA merged to create EFD Induction. And the rest, as they say, is history.



Mazak tube and pipe laser beam shaping technology makes debut at EuroBLECH 2022

CST 3015 automation system has 8 separate pallets each with a load capacity of up to 3,000kg and deploys a suction-based system for the loading of raw material and a dual supported fork set for the unloading of processed workpieces. As a global manufacturer of machine tools and laser processing machines, Mazak is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, as highlighted by the company’s ‘Go Green’ initiative. Both machines that were on display at EuroBLECH 2022 leverage Mazak’s laser beam shaping and fibre technologies. The cutting quality is achieved by controlling the power density concentration of the laser beam, while a wide range of different materials and thicknesses can be accommodated by adjusting the beam’s diameter and shape. The fibre technology can deliver cost reductions and energy savings, while providing fast cutting speed and quality for both thick and thin materials.

the Optiplex 2D laser cutting machine series. Thanks to a winning combination of Mazatrol SmoothLx CNC Control, MCT3 cutting-head, and a wealth of customisation options, the machine delivers highly accurate and precise sheet metal processing. The model benefits from a high degree of automated features to deliver faster set-up times (up to 95 per cent compared to standard laser machines), including automatic nozzle changing, as well as automatic focus detection and positioning to improve ease of use and optimize piercing performance. The large front and side access doors improve accessibility to the working area, easing loading and unloading operations. The nozzle auto centring camera displays the nozzle location on the CNC screen, allowing the operator to make adjustments on the torch, while the nesting feature automatically determines how to arrange the parts for optimal cutting on residual materials. The Optiplex 3015 NEO 15kW displayed at EuroBLECH will be equipped with the CST 3015 automation system featuring single tower mounted above the laser pallet changer. This

YAMAZAKI Mazak unveiled two new laser processing machines for the cutting of tube, pipe and sheet metal at EuroBLECH 2022: the FG-400 NEO and Optiplex 3015 NEO 15kW. The FG-400 NEO can streamline production and improve performance by running multiple processes in one machine including 3D cutting, tapping, drilling, chamfering and flow-drilling. The system is ideally suited for large size tubes and pipes, including round, square and rectangular cross-sections; as well as H, I and L beams. Thanks to the combination of a brand-new 3D laser head with A-axis, B-axis and fibre laser technology, it can facilitate the stable machining of complex shapes and highly reflective materials, such as copper and brass. The 4-chucks system provides additional stability by preventing material distortion during processing. To complement the machine, Mazak has developed a set of quality-of-life functions including part nesting, tool simulation, and a tool path monitor to speed up set-up times and enable continuous production. The Optiplex 3015 NEO 15kW is the newest entry in

Yamazaki Mazak

Both machines that were on display at EuroBLECH 2022 leverage Mazak’s laser beam shaping and fibre technologies





T&H Lemont ships the first of two TIG mills for stainless steel pipe production

8-10 November FABTECH Atlanta, Georgia, USA 23-25 November Tube India Mumbai, India

double uncoiler, a shear end welding unit and an accumulator provide a buffer so production does not stop from one coil to the next. It has a six-roll, water cooled weld box and an inert gas system to protect and cool the weld. Furthermore, a camera-based weld seam tracking unit provides lateral and vertical positioning of the tricathode welding carriage. Each welding torch also has an independent adjustment and the system uses arc voltage control (AVC) for welding parameter stability. The flying cutoff system is a hybrid. It uses a carriage drive system from a T&H Lemont model FCO-125 cutoff system and a rotary cutting head specified by the customer. Operator conveniences include single-point adjustments on the vertical roll stands, lubrication points on the operator side of the mill, and a welding control system installed within view of the weld box, allowing the operator to observe the welding process while making adjustments on the fly.

T&H LEMONT recently shipped the first of two tube mills to a long-time customer involved in manufacturing equipment for commercial HVAC, industrial refrigeration, power generation and industrial processing applications. Rather than purchase stainless steel pipe from an outside supplier, the customer uses its own equipment to make pipe in-house. The durable, robust pipe that comes off its tube mills supports the company’s reputation for manufacturing equipment that is built to last. Known for its engineering savvy, the customer needed a new TIG mill to augment its operations, adding this new mill to an already substantial fleet of T&H Lemont machines. The company invested in two mills for making TIG welded products, T&H Lemont model number WU11M-12. Built to produce diameters from 3 / 8 to 1,050" wall thicknesses from 0.020 to 0.065", the mill design accommodates three 400 amp welding units and is designed to run at a maximum of 50 feet per minute. The investment includes entry equipment for continuous operation. A

27-29 November Guangzhou Guangzhou, China

29 November-1 December Valve World Expo Düsseldorf, Germany 2023

9-12 January STEELFAB Sharjah, UAE 9-11 May Made In Steel Milan, Italy

T&H Lemont

10-13 May Lamiera Milan, Italy

11-14 Sept FABTECH Chicago, IL, USA 18-23 Sept EMO-Hannover Hannover, Germany

The company invested in two mills for making TIG-welded products

As with all shows, and with the continuing coronavirus pandemic, please check to ensure the event is going ahead


Xiris appoints Polytec as a distributor of its tube weld inspection technology

and by the 1970s, making a name for itself as a developer of in-house, laser based measuring instruments. Systems for length and velocity measurement, surface characterisation, analytics and process automation also make up its range of in-house developments. The distribution of machine vision solutions and optical measurement systems is another of Polytec’s core areas. Dr Dirk Samiec, photonics business unit manager at Polytec, said: “The systems from Xiris fit perfectly with our focus of offering high-quality solutions for optical quality control and ideally complement our infrared, hyperspectral and X-ray solutions.”

tube and pipe industry. In entering this relationship with Polytec, Cameron Serles, president of Xiris Automation, said: “We are pleased to work with such an excellent partner who has many years of experience selling optical metrology equipment across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They share our values of a high level of commitment to ensuring

XIRIS Automation Inc has announced that Polytec GmbH of Waldbronn, Germany has been appointed an official distributor of Xiris Weld Inspection Systems for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Polytec will be providing consulting, demos, sales and service for the turnkey weld inspection systems that serve the

customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of technical knowledge.” Polytec has offered optical metrology solutions for research and industry since 1967, operating as a distributor in its early years Polytec will be providing consulting, demos, sales, and service for the turnkey weld inspection systems that serve the tube and pipe industry

Xiris Automation Inc

Polytec GmbH

100% made in Italy T I M E T O C U T

TCT, HSS, Segmental, friction and band saw blades for steel, non ferrous metals and alloys; Diameter 80÷3200 mm - Kerf 1,2 ÷ 14 mm - Pitch 6 ÷ 180 mm

innovative technology key





4 - 8 Number of cameras

5 Min. object diameter (mm)

720 Max. object diameter (mm)

PROFILEMASTER® SPS Profile Measuring System The PROFILEMASTER® SPS is a light section measuring device for measuring contours and dimensions on profiles of all kinds in cold and hot steel applications.


Maximum measuring accuracy thanks to temperature-stabilized measuring systems Shape fault detection (SFD) thanks to high sampling rate

High-precision measurements

Detects process problems at an early stage

Fast maintenance and easy cleaning

Zumbach Electronic AG | Hauptstrasse 93 | 2552 Orpund | Schweiz Telefon: +41 (0)32 356 04 00 | Fax: +41 (0)32 356 04 30 | |


Fine Tubes awarded NADCAP NDT merit status AMETEK Fine Tubes has been awarded a non-destructive testing NADCAP accreditation for its ultrasonic testing processes at Merit status for the tenth year running. continuation of the business’s NDT certification, which was first achieved in 2005.

Fine Tubes’ ultrasonic testing process involves introducing ultrasound waves inside the tube under scrutiny and using specialist equipment to process the results. The test’s response data is then analysed against known reference standards to check for anomalies. Anything unexpected can reveal flaws or defects in the tubes outside diameter, inside diameter or inside the wall, which could signify safety or quality concerns. The NADCAP accreditation means that Fine Tubes can maintain its preferred supplier status for key aerospace customers such as Airbus, as well as ensure the integrity and safety of its tubing products. Fine Tubes has also been named as an NDT-accredited organisation on the Performance Review Institute’ Qualified Manufacturers List.

The accolade was achieved following an exacting audit by global industry non-destructive testing expert, Marc Warchol from Texas, on behalf of the Performance Review Institute. The audit took place over two days at Fine Tubes’ premises in the UK and remains valid until August 2024. Merit status is the result of low or no findings during the process audit. Rob Eatwell, quality assurance and compliance manager at Fine Tubes, said: “By achieving this continued merit status NADCAP accreditation, we are delighted to be able to not only maintain our supplier status, but also assure our key customers of our long-term commitment to effective quality testing procedures. The auditing process was comprehensive and took in elements such as staff training, technical

qualifications, equipment maintenance and matching customer specifications. We are proud that our audit revealed absolutely no issues of concern, and that our accreditation for ultrasonic testing has been confirmed for the next two years.” Fine Tubes currently holds five NADCAP accreditations, covering heat treating, non-destructive testing, fusion welding, chemical processing and fluid distributions systems for the manufacture of titanium tubes. This latest audit for ultrasonic testing is a

AMETEK Fine Tubes




DieTronic increases global network to boost customer suppor t

antirust systems for the spray application of rust preventive oil (RPO) on the surface of tubes, pipes and profiles.

TO increase its support capacity DieTronic Srl has working to establish local agents and distributions in targeted markets globally for its range of surface treatment and protection of tubes, pipes and profiles. The objective of this strategy is to not only offer a local sales presence, but also to establish efficient support for first line service and locally stocked spare parts. Particular attention has been given to the promotion of preventive maintenance programs and special spare parts packages, to provide a high-level and constant service support and to ensure a better performance and functionality on its machines. Peter Bond, tube and pipe product manager, said: “Our machines are very reliable, but we want to take this to another level of security for our customers. The ability to offer local as well as remote support and PMP packages ensures that the producer does not have to worry about sending out product without the correct corrosion protection.” Up to now new agents have been appointed for Poland, Australia and New Zealand, Balkan countries, the Middle East region and India. Further plans are in place for countries in South East Asia and Japan. For more than 15 years DieTronic has been working in the tube and pipe business as manufacturer of the automatic

DieTronic technology is used world-wide by people working in the field, as the RPO quantity to apply can be easily set from the touch-screen in g/sqm (from 0.5 to 10g/sqm) and above all proportionally to the speed of the line, recorded by an encoder that, according to any variation, automatically adjusts the fluid amount. By applying only the right quantity in a precise and repeatable way, DieTronic Antirust ensures a significant product saving and a total protection of the finished product against oxidation, especially during the delicate phases of transport and outdoor storage when there are great changes in temperature and humidity. In this regard, rust is a problem that should not be overlooked as it can result in a poor product quality that may lead, in worst cases, to rejection by the end customer. DieTronic Antirust ensures total protection of the finished product against oxidation

DieTronic Srl




Stark: celebrating 60 years of sawing excellence

R&D team which became the company’s main focus, studying and improving the performance of new tools. During the 1990s Stark not only became the first producer of circular saws to open its own coating centre, developing nano-coatings specifically for metal-cutting applications (Physical Vapour Deposition) but also made a significant step forward in the process of international expansion with the opening of Stark Do Brasil Ltda in San Paolo, Brazil. This was followed by a branch in China opened in the 2000s to be present and serve customers in the Asian market. With 150 employees, three operative locations, exports to five continents and about 700 tonnes of steel processed every year, Stark is now the world’s leading maker of HSS, HM and Cermet circular saws for cutting metals and one of the top makers of woodworking tools. The company also produces circular blades for a great variety of applications: cutting paper, cards, food, fabrics and tissues of all kinds. A passion for challenges, constant striving for excellence and a desire to supply products in the vanguard of technology are the keys to Stark’s history. These aspects have driven the company to continue improving to guarantee high standards of quality and the utmost efficiency of its products, as demonstrated by its qualification for ISO 9001 certification. The quality of Stark’s products goes hand in hand with the quality of the

STARK’s history began in the province of Udine, Italy in 1962 when the company was founded with a license from Wigo of Germany. Stark’s mission was clear from the start – to compete in even the most demanding markets. To work toward this goal, the company began producing woodworking tools for the German market, offering its services as an outstanding partner whose name became synonymous with quality all over Europe. At the same time, in response to demand on the market, the company began producing the first circular saws for cutting metal, and in the 1970s it set up a

services it offers. The company’s team is in contact with the important users in the industry every day, to understand their needs and offer them the appropriate tools and optimal cutting parameters guaranteeing the utmost performance of the machine/tool combination employed. The team’s relationship with manufacturers of cross-cut saws – indispensable partners for perfecting the geometry and technical features of circular saws – permits the identification of the best possible solution for applications of all kinds. Stark’s history is the story of a brand synonymous with quality and dedication to products and people: a company that has grown for the past sixty years while still planning for the future.

Stark Dytran joins Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer SPECTRIS has completed the

broader product capability. The precision sensing sector is well placed to grow in a more connected and sustainable world and the addition of Dytran will support us to empower the innovators.” Dytran’s products are used in product development testing and embedded monitoring solutions in space, aerospace, industrial and automotive applications.

also offer an advanced sensing line that includes 6DoF sensors and MEMS accelerometers. Ben Bryson, president HBK, said: “I’m very excited to welcome Dytran and its employees into HBK. Together we will enhance customer processes and assets with sensing solutions. With a strong position in space, aerospace, and defence, we will bring additional value from our piezoelectric accelerometers, delivering higher customer intimacy and a

acquisition of Dytran Instruments Inc. As a result, Dytran will be integrated into the HBK business. The acquisition of Dytran will broaden HBK’s existing sensor offering and further advance its ability to design and deliver custom sensing solutions with a fast turnaround. California-based Dytran is a designer and manufacturer of piezoelectric sensors that measure vibration, force and pressure. They

Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer



F OREV R Shijiazhuang Forever Machinery Co., Ltd.

F OREVVER Shijiazhuang Forever Machinery Co., Ltd.

HF Tube/Pipe Mill Line Cold Roll Forming Machine Slitting Line and Cut-to-length Line Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular Tube Mill Line Tube/Pipe Mill Line ld Roll Forming Machine tting Line and Cut-to-length Line ectly Forming t Square and R ctangular Tube Mill Line


Mexican steel producer orders twin ladle furnace from Primetals Technologies

The new equipment will replace the manual process in which operators establish the stirring gas connection by hand. This addition will therefore improve the safety levels at TYASA’s meltshop. Automatic couplings will be supplied for the existing tapping car, the ladle cars of the new and existing twin ladle furnace and the vacuum degassing plant. Primetals will also supply full Level 1 and 2 automation systems as well as an m.connect license so that the twin ladle furnace can be integrated with the existing m.connect system at the plant. TYASA has also ordered a CASTRIP production line from a consortium that included Primetals Technologies.

MEXICAN steel producer Talleres y Aceros SA de CV (TYASA) has signed a contract with Primetals Technologies for a new twin ladle furnace. The new equipment will be implemented at TYASA’s Ixtaczoquitlán site, located in the south-eastern part of Mexico. TYASA added a CASTRIP plant for producing coils at the plant in Ixtaczoquitlán a few years ago, which resulted in a need for additional capacity at the secondary-metallurgy stage in the meltshop. Adding a new twin ladle furnace will resolve this issue and increase performance at the steel plant. Installation of the 100-ton twin ladle furnace will be executed with minor impact on production. The shutdown time will be kept to a minimum, as the integration of the twin ladle furnace into the existing dedusting and water treatment systems will be possible with no more than small modifications.

Primetals Technologies has created a tailormade solution for this twin ladle furnace, specifically designed for a future installation of a twin vacuum degasser, which will be operated in direct vicinity on the same rail tracks and with the same cars. As part of this order, Primetals will supply automatic stirring gas couplings for the whole steel plant in Ixtaczoquitlán. Twin ladle furnace from Primetals Technologies for Mexican steel producer TYASA

Talleres y Aceros SA de CV

Primetals Technologies



Since 1978

40 years of field experience

Tube mill & finishing line pro ducing API 4” to 24” O.D x 20t

pipes, developed w ith adva nc ed

tec hnolog y and v erified th ro ugh c ontinuous R&D based on exte nsiv e field ex perienc e accumulated over 40 years in the tube mill & finishing line.

We provide API, high-strength and high-end tube mill line and an advanced finishing line alongside the latest technology on a turnkey basis. · Tube Mill Line capability of Manufacturing up to 24” · 6-Roll, 7-Roll, and 10-Roll Straightening Line · Max. 2-Head Automatic End Facing & Bevelling M/C · Max. 5-Head, 700bar Hydrostatic Tester · Automatic and Semi-automatic Bundling M/C · Related Equipment and Facilities to Comply with API Standards


4” ~ 8” O.D, Up to 18mm wall thickness TUBE MILL LINE

5” ~ 12” O.D, Up to 16mm wall thickness TUBE MILL LINE

12” ~ 24” O.D, Up to 20mm wall thickness TUBE MILL LINE

BAEKCHUN PRECISION CO., LTD. 252, beoman-ro, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

E-mail :

Homepage :

Tel : +82 31 313 7151~3

Fax : +82 31 313 2305


Salzgitter places order with Primetals Technologies as par t of green steel transformation programme

enable low CO 2 steel production,” said Aashish Gupta, executive vice-president at Primetals Technologies. EAF Ultimate is part of Primetals Technologies new generation of electric steelmaking equipment. It is characterised by short tap-to-tap times, fully automated operation and advanced control systems. The Salzgitter EAF features dust removal systems, a heat recovery system, a water management system, electrical compensation for grid stabilisation and material handling for alloying materials and additives.

Primetals Technologies marks the first step in this process. Ulrich Grethe, head of steel production at Salzgitter, said: “Our ambition is to remain a leader in the decarbonisation of the steel industry and to set up the Salzgitter site for the future. With Primetals, we have a strong partner on our side – true to our strategy of moving toward a sustainable industry.” Several factors played a role when Salzgitter choose Primetals Technologies as supplier. A sound reference base with several recent successful EAF projects, low consumption figures of the technologies involved, and competence in project management were three main factors. The scope of supply includes engineering, supply and construction. “With our Green Steel technology, we

GERMAN steel producer Salzgitter has signed a contract with Primetals Technologies for an EAF Ultimate. With a tapping weight of 220 tons, the furnace will have an annual capacity of 1.9 million tons of steel. It will be implemented at the steel plant in Salzgitter, Germany. Startup is scheduled for the end of 2025. Salzgitter is investing in this transformation programme in the steel sector. The Salzgitter Low CO 2 Steelmaking (SALCOS) project aims to convert the existing integrated steel plant to green steel production in three stages by 2033. As part of the transformation, two direct reduction plants and three electric furnaces will be built, which will then successively replace the existing blast furnaces and converters. This order for one EAF with & Pipe Technology Advertisement orizontal (125mm high x 180mm wide)

Salzgitter AG Primetals Technologies

Maximize your Profit

Flying Cut off

Tube Max

Tube Max Scarf App: Tubes with free weld bead

Tube Max Orbital App: Tubes on orbital sawing machine

App: Tubes without free weld bead

Stationary Cut off

Ferro Max Speed App: Thick-walled, high tensile tubes and solids

FerroMax Super Tube Ferro Max Tube App: Thin-walled tubes App: Thin-walled, high tensile tubes

KANEFUSA EUROPE B.V. De Witbogt 12, 5652 AG, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Tel +31 40 2900901 E-mail :




SteelAsia chooses Tenova for its green metal manufacturing technology upgrade

TENOVA, a developer and provider of sustainable solutions for the green transition of the metals industry, and SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation, a steel manufacturing company in the Philippines, recently signed a partnership for Consteel ® Evolution, a low-impact technology for steel manufacturing, which will be employed in SteelAsia’s new melt shop in Lemery, Batangas, in 2024. In order to guarantee the seamless operation of the entire line, Tenova’s scope of work includes the electric arc furnace Consteel Evolution, the secondary metallurgy station, the billet caster, the fume treatment plant and the material handling systems, along with all engineering services for the civil works and the balance of plant. “Our company’s long-term vision is to develop the Philippine steel industry because this is the backbone of industrialisation. We have seen our neighbouring Asian countries grow faster because they can manufacture their own steel. The Philippines needs to catch up. As we do so, we want our technology to be at par with global standards in efficiency and environmental sustainability,” said Benjamin O Yao, president and CEO of SteelAsia. “Thanks to our partnership with Tenova, we can increase our steel Metalube exhibited at this year’s Wire and Tube Southeast Asia in Bangkok. Metalube was joined by regional partners CHS Asia, Metamac, PT Karya Pangestu, Vitahco and IBEX, which stock and provide a comprehensive technical support service for the complete range of nonferrous wire and tube lubricants offered to optimise life and performance. Wire Southeast Asia 2022 is the region’s procurement and networking platform that connects key local and global manufacturers, suppliers and service providers for the wire and cable industries. Metalube is an industrial lubricant manufacturer, exporting 95

A low-impact technology for steel manufacturing will be employed in SteelAsia’s new melt shop in Lemery, Batangas in 2024

and pollution control innovations. Scrap metal is a vital national resource used in steel production with low carbon emission, and SteelAsia targets to increase its output by maximising the use of scrap metal. Across many countries, there has been a shift from ore-based steel production to scrap recycling-based due to the global industry’s growing desire to reduce emissions and dependence on coal. SteelAsia’s partnershipwithTenova to further pursue its decarbonisation efforts aims to make steel production more sustainable without compromising its output and financial returns. The company operates six manufacturing plants across the country, located in Bulacan, Batangas, Cebu, Davao and Misamis Oriental. It is expected to open its seventh plant this year, located in Compostela, Cebu, and increase its output from two million metric tons of steel annually to three million metric tons. “Thanks to Tenova’s continuous efforts to enable a more sustainable metals production, SteelAsia found in our portfolio the most suitable technologies to produce high-quality steel from recycled scrap. We are honoured to support SteelAsia in the green industrial development of the Philippines,” added Paolo Stagnoli, commercial director electric arc and ladle furnace in Tenova. Tenova Steel Asia

productivity to support nation-building while ensuring that we also take care of the environment.” The new Consteel Evolution melt shop will recycle local scrap metal to produce high-grade billets for steel sections. The advanced Lemery facility will also be one of the cleanest steel plants in the world. It will generate the lowest carbon emission, providing Filipinos with top-quality steel sections produced with the most environmentally friendly technology. The Consteel Evolution technology saves energy, decarbonises steel production, and reduces environmental impacts throughefficient energy recovery per cent of its production to over 100 countries worldwide and has offices in Manchester, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo and Shanghai. From its headquarters in Manchester the company has a fully integrated lubricant manufacturing facility, including new state-of-the art laboratories. Research and development are key to the business, and it is constantly investing in the Metalube ® Technology Centre to ensure technical excellence and innovation across its entire range of products and services.

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Valve World Expo 2022 discusses energy transition and hydrogen technology

very demanding media, with completely different requirements for corresponding valves and their materials,” a spokesperson for Hartmann Valves explained. For hydrogen valves used in power-to-gas plants, the requirements are comparable toother gas applications. The right choice of materials is crucial, in particular to avoid for example hydrogen embrittlement. Design engineering measures are also crucial in order to guarantee the tightness of the valves against the small-molecule hydrogen in the long term. For this reason, Hartmann Valves, for example, offers gas-tight metal-seated ball valves with long service lives, which, if required, also have multiple barriers in pressure direction to further increase safety in the plant.

new markets for German companies,” explained the German ministry of education and research. In taking this step, Germany is pursuing a systematic approach thinking about production, transport, storage, distribution and use of hydrogen – including an international dimension. Power-to-gas plants are needed to generate green hydrogen: in these plants, wind and solar energy are used to produce hydrogen via electrolysis from electricity and water. Power-to gas plants are already in operation in Germany, as well as in Scandinavia and other European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and Hungary. On a global scale, these plants are used in China, Canada and Argentina, as well as in other countries. The process is particularly challenging as electrolysis produces not only hydrogen, but also oxygen. Both are

THE energy market is facing a major transition as hydrogen will have a significant impact on the fields of electricity, heat and mobility. Hydrogen could also significantly reduce CO 2 emissions in processes of the chemical and steel industries, as well as in refineries. Sophisticated valves are needed to cope with the specific challenges of this medium. The valve industry is already on course to handle this – and the market seems to be booming. Some states are already setting the course for the use of hydrogen. Germany, for example, has already recognised its potential and formulated the National Hydrogen Strategy about two years ago, providing subsidies. These can also contribute to environmental protection. “Flexible energy carriers are indispensable for the energy transition and open up

Valve World Expo

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Made in Steel 2023, the international Conference & Exhibition for the steel industry.








Sanming grants final acceptance cer tificate to Friedrich Kocks

demanding, but ultimately successful. The modernised SBQ mill of the steel producer in the Fujian province on the southeastern coast of China has now gone into regular operation. The trust in Kocks as a supplier was confirmed by an excellent project, which was delivered in time and successfully executed no matter the pandemic challenges. The new Kocks reducing and sizing block works reliably with the best tolerances and achieves great overall results of the rolled products. The RSB ® 370++/4 is located as finishing unit after 21 stands in H/V rolling mill arrangement. Sanming produces bar in coil within a dimension of Ø16 to 48mm and straight bars within a dimension of Ø20 to 90mm in an 800.000t/a mill line.

new block, the Chinese producer of SBQ products and Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG signed the official documents. Due to the pandemic and current world situation, the project was

FUJIAN Sangang Minguang Group Co Ltd (Sanming) has issued the final acceptance certificate for its new Kocks RSB ® 370++/4 in 5.0 design. Just four weeks after the first bar rolled from the

Friedrich Kocks & Co KG



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Automated tube end forming systems that produce expansions, reductions and flares

AIRMO Inc ® Pressure Technologies is a manufacturer of SelectForm ® automated end forming systems, which produce expansions, reductions, beads, flares and other shapes on the end of tubes. Its end forming systems are ideal for end forming tubing made of many materials including cooper, stainless steel, carbon steel and titanium. End forming systems in hand held, single-station or multi-station configurations are available to meet specific end forming applications, whether it be for a single tube dimension, or several tube end form dimensions. Smaller end forming systems have casters for easy portability and large systems are skidded for transfer with a forklift. End forming systems can be manually operated with push-button switches, or engineered with touch screen digital displays. The end forming systems are designed to rapidly, accurately and safely end form tubing with dimensions

Handheld end forming tool

ranging from 0.19" to 6" in outer diameter. Tube wall thickness also needs to be considered prior to ordering to guarantee a successful end form. The key benefits to Airmo’s SelectForm end forming systems are that they are built for high production tube end forming, they are safe, and they produce accurate end forms. Airmo also strives to provide unparalleled customer service from the initial phone call to final product delivery.

End forming system from Airmo Inc

Airmo Inc

Hot bending service ideal for maintaining mechanical properties of rolled sections

rolled cylinders formed from the thicker plate than previously possible, increasing choice for end users. Less ductile materials can also be serviced, further improving options. The business is offering the service for plates up to 7.5m in length.

companies worldwide that can offer this specialist service. By reducing the yield of the material during hot bending, Barnshaws is now able to offer rolling much thicker plates. Yield refers to the stress at which a material begins to deform, so a lower yield equates to a reduced bending force requirement. In addition, Barnshaws can provide small diameter

BARNSHAWS Section Benders is offering its customer’s hot metal bending, which is ideal for maintaining the mechanical properties of rolled or press braked plate and sections as there is no need to quench after bending as with the induction bending process. The process offers advantages when compared to cold bending and Barnshaws said it is one of the few

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Next step towards the ‘intelligent drawing machine’

The vibration measurement is available both integrated in new plants and as a retrofit kit for used Bültmann drawing machines

Minimac® ET Tester See It At Tube India 2022 Stand J 97

ANOTHER innovative feature in the field of applied Industry 4.0 in drawing machines was recently successfully integrated into several Bültmann machines. The vibration measurement, which is able to detect a “chatter” or vibrations individually at each drawing track of a drawing machine, is available both integrated in new plants and as a retrofit kit for used Bültmann drawing machines. The intelligent control of the vibration measurement enables speed control of the drawing process while avoiding vibrations. The quality of the drawn tubes is 100 per cent ensured with a simultaneous increase in output. A real application example demonstrates a 60 per cent increase in production with a simultaneous reduction in scrap towards zero. In combinationwith the already known Industry 4.0 features, this is a further step towards an operator-independent, process-safe and performance-oriented drawing machine. The monitoring system, which is based on proven sensor technology with evaluation, was developed for this application together with our very capable partner Qass GmbH in Wetter, Germany and can also be tailored for various other potential applications.

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Circular and longitudinal tube seam milling machines used for offshore construction

circular and longitudinal seam milling, but also for other fields of application, such as weld seam preparation on sheet metal and profiles. At the beginning, they had to contend with considerable difficulties, as Dieter Kapp, managing director of Graebener said: “The first milling heads only lasted a few days and our gearboxes were damaged just as quickly, as there was no experience for this new machining method.” But Graebener and INGERSOLL stuck to the concept and pursued continuous further development of the machines and milling tools over the years. A few years after the first milling machines for internal use, the machines became durable, powerful, process reliable and thus competitive. McDermott in Scotland and SIF from the Netherlands, at that time two market leaders for thick-walled pipes, vessels and apparatus, were the first two customers for Graebener. Today, SIF is a leading manufacturer of foundation structures for offshore wind turbines. The weld seam preparation machines manufactured by Graebener were the first of their kind. With over 200 milling machines delivered within the past 25 years, Graebener is the world market leader. About 150 of these machines are dedicated to the milling of weld seam preparations for circumferential and longitudinal welds on cylindrical and conical components with diameters of up to 15m and wall thicknesses of up to 200mm. In the last few years, more than two dozen circumferential seam milling machines and half as many longitudinal seam milling machines have been sold to the wind offshore industry. In the meantime, all well-known manufacturers of foundation structures for wind turbines in the onshore and offshore sector use milling machines from Graebener. The offshore market is experiencing a sustained boom and is providing Graebener with high demand. Wind power is to be used for green energy in more and more parts of the world. The machine manufacturer has already responded to a new market developing in the USA with its own subsidiary in Texas, where a transportable circular

GRAEBENER ® developed its first milling machines for the preparation of weld seams on pressure vessels already in the 1980s, initially only for use in its own large diameter pipe mill. In co-operation with Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH, the machines became products for the world market, which today are in great demand especially for the construction of offshore wind towers and their foundation structures. Graebener looks back on a company history of more than 100 years. When the company was founded in 1921, the family business began with pipe and apparatus construction. Until 1955, the focus was on the production of heavy iron and sheet metal structures including steel and vessel construction. Subsequently, a large pipe mill was built and established in Netphen Werthenbach in the Siegerland region, which was then sold to Indonesia at the end of the 1990s. Since then, Gräbener Maschinen- technik GmbH has concentrated entirely on mechanical and plant engineering. The company, which currently employs around 80 people, focuses on the development and design of hydraulics, mechanics and automation as well as on the assembly and commissioning of new plants and retrofits. The necessary machine components, such as steel structures as well as all other parts, are purchased from suppliers mainly in the regional area. Therefore, Graebener sees itself as a “virtual factory”, as it does not operate its own facilities for component production.

The past is nevertheless present at the company headquarters. On the one hand, production still takes place in the historic halls. On the other hand, the experience built up here over decades and the constant improvements form the basis for the company’s current business success. The construction of the company’s own circular and longitudinal seam milling machines was started in the mid 1980s out of a serious problem. The pipes manufactured in Werthenbach were be-coming thicker and thicker and were increasingly causing transport problems. The pipes, which were up to 70m long and weighed up to 70 tons, therefore had to be finally welded together on the construction sites. The idea of a mobile milling machine was born, with the help of which the weld seam preparation on the pipes could be carried out on site. For the milling machines, Graebener worked together with INGERSOLL from day one. For machining the tubes, milling heads were jointly developed for



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