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Kocks and LAP unveiled their 4D Eagle S measuring system at Tube 2024

Premiere of jointly developed tube measuring system in Germany

Dr-Ing Santino Keusemann, general manager of Kocks Measure + Inspect, added: “Thanks to the synergies we have tapped, the 4D Eagle S measuring device comprehensively meets the high requirements of modern rolling mills and stands out from existing solutions.” Two initial systems were successfully installed and put into operation at a German steel producer before the official premiere.

4D Eagle S can also be integrated into higher-level quality assurance systems using OPC-UA. The two partners pooled their extensive know-how as part of the project. LAP has operated in the field of laser measurement systems for the steel industry for decades, while Kocks contributes its expertise as a specialist in three-roll technology for precise special bar quality production. Commenting at the time of the original announcement, Fabian Beck, director global sales at LAP Measurement Technology, said: “The teams in rolling mills benefit from far-reaching transparency and the opportunity to optimise process and product quality sustainably.”

IN December 2023, Kocks Measure + Inspect and LAP Measurement Technology announced their cooperation in the joint development and marketing of measurement and surface inspection technology. The two companies unveiled the result of this cooperation at the start of Tube 2024 in Düsseldorf, Germany: the 4D Eagle S hybrid measuring system for precise profile measurement and surface inspection. The system uses laser light section technology to capture the complete profile of long products and to precisely detect and classify various rolling defects. Users can access the Smart Core X software application for a detailed analysis of the acquired data.

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