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EFD Induction Poland offers advice to boost efficiency

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SMS 2-Step Submerged-Arc Welded Helical Spiral Pipe Mill STUPP

THE managing director of EFD Induction Poland has advised tube and pipe producers caught in the energy crunch to find out how high-quality impeders can help to cut power consumption. Last year’s economic recovery has greatly increased energy consumption and raised prices. In parts of Europe, the wholesale price for electricity more than tripled in 2021,

Grzegorz Korzuszek

reaching the highest level in decades. Some say this record breaking surge in energy prices threatens to derail the post pandemic economic recovery and possibly slow down the transition to more sustainable production. One industry segment that has to battle the soaring energy costs are tube and pipe producers. “Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the price of electricity, but we can definitely help you cut your power consumption,” said managing director of EFD Induction Poland, Grzegorz Korzuszek. “After raw materials, energy is always the main cost to anyone in the tube and pipe industry. So, don’t let that energy go to waste by using poor quality impeders.” Producers are seeking to become more energy-efficient, and more eco-friendly by improving their production process and investing in more efficient machines. “We’re obviously happy to assist anyone wishing to do so,” Mr Korzuszek added. “However, green investment doesn’t always have to be costly, sometimes all it takes to save energy is the right impeders.” Impeders are an integral and critical component in the pipe welding process. Often neglected, they can cost businesses substantial amounts of money if they are not properly designed, manufactured and selected. “Not having the correct ferrite length can increase welding power consumption by thirty per cent,” Mr Korzuszek said. “That quickly becomes an expensive compromise.” According to Mr Korzuszek, a good impeder will effectively increase the impedance of the parasitic current path around the inside circumference of the pipe, ensuring the power is directed into the weld vee. In addition, it concentrates the magnetic flux created in the work coil, so that more energy is induced into the pipe. The design and placement of the impeder can also affect the efficiency of the weld. “A major producer in Turkey actually reported €28,000 annual energy savings on five tube mills after changing to our HPI ferrite cores,” Mr Korzuszek said. “Another reduced their welding power consumption by 15 per cent after installing a large diameter rectangular cluster impeder system on a 24" pipe mill,” he added. “That was a massive 225kW saving.”

Manufacturer: PWS (SMS) Year: 2009 Type: SAWH

General Spiral Mill Specs

Pipe Diameter: 24” (609mm) – 60” (1524mm) Strip Width: 39” (990mm) – 76" (1930mm) Wall Thickness Range: – 1/4” (6mm) – 1” (25mm) Max Coil Weight: 50+ Tons Pipe Length: 32’ (9.75m) - 80' (24.3m)

Max Steel Grade: X-80 Yield Strength: 560 N/mm2 Forming Angle: 45-80 Degrees based on current configuration

Strip Feed Speed: 1.6’ (0.5m) – 32.8’ (10m) Per Min. Tack Welding Speed: – 6.5’ (2m) – 32.8’ (10m) Per Min. Annual Tonnage Capacity: 250,000 Total Square Footage: 230,000 (21,367 Square Meter) Status: Installed In Plant

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