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Linsinger celebrates two major ERW pipe mill upgrade orders TWO pipe manufacturers have placed orders with the Austrian machinery specialist, Linsinger Maschinenbau, to upgrade existing ERW pipe mills. Some of the biggest benefits of the flying Multicut tube cut-off machine are increased line capacity and reduced stoppages. Despite current economic uncertainties, one manufacturer entrusted Linsinger with the supply, installation and commissioning of its heavy-duty tube cut-off machine Multicut MC4/610 of up to 45m/min synchronised travel speed during the cut-off cycle. Additionally, Linsinger succeeded in securing a second similar order. The travelling Multicut equipment will be an upgrade to an ERW mill, producing pipes of a round tube diameter range Ø114 to 508mm (4½" to 20") as well as rectangular tube range 120x60 to 500x300mm (4.7 x 2.4" to 19.6 x 11.8"). The concept of the four-blade carbide tipped sawing system was developed to improve reliability and lower operating costs.

Two manufacturers have entrusted Linsinger with the supply and commissioning of its tube cut-off machine Multicut MC4/610

By using four cutting heads instead of two, the rotary speed of the sawblades can be reduced, which leads to an extended blade life cycle. Linsinger’s Multicut provides a high level of operational flexibility. If one of the four sawblades fails, it will be retracted to allow production with the remaining saw blades to continue without interruption. This “fail safe” strategy, and the longer blade service life cycle, extend the time between line stoppages significantly. “Only a pipemill that is continuously running can be profitable. Our equipment, as one of the key drivers of line speed, has to perform,” said technical director Stefan Dierneder. By using this technology, the process is faster and more efficient than using double-headed machines. The sturdy, fully CNC controlled machine is equipped with four individually driven cutting heads, each with 42kW main drive power. These orbit around the tube, which is securely hydraulically clamped in the Multicut machine while travelling at line speed. With a total equipment weight of 75 tons, the 50-ton travelling unit accelerates at 2m/sec, and is powered by two 115kW motors, which are sufficiently powerful to return the travelling unit to the starting position at a speed of 90m/ min after completion of the cutting cycle. After arriving at the starting position, the travelling unit accelerates again to tube line speed of up to 45m/min. “The cost of a machine has to be looked at in life-cycles. The purchase price only reflects 30 to 50 per cent of total expenses. Operating expenses and maintenance costs are a main part of the machine’s life cycle cost,” said Michael Steinkogler, head of sales for sawing and milling machines at Linsinger. Thereby he explains why Linsinger also manufactures the tools themselves. The in-house tool technology department designs, manufactures and maintains sawblades exclusively for Linsinger machines. Together with the after sales department, Linsinger takes full responsibility of the machinery and tools to ensure a smooth running production facility at its customers.

Linsinger Maschinenbau


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