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TUBE 2024

TUBE 2024

Intelligent tube welding technology FROM 15 to 19 April 2024 the whole tube processing industry will meet at the world’s most important trade fair for the sector and Dreistern GmbH & Co KG will be there once again.

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the actual welding quality, can therefore be summarised in two statements: fast and precise process adjustment; and sensitive monitoring and control of the continuous welding process in order to quickly detect deviations and react accordingly. Customised roll forming machines, technologically advanced roll forming systems and innovative roll forming technology all result in a high quality end product. Since its foundation in 1949, Dreistern has aimed to set high standards in the roll forming sector. State-of-the-art technologies in roll forming machines, comprehensive expertise in roll forming systems and the possibility of complete process handling, have established it worldwide. You can visit Dreistern in at stand 06 E20.

The company offers machines that help to form a wide range of tube and profile shapes. Its roll forming machines achieve tolerances that were considered unrealisable just a few years ago. It places particular emphasis on low-stress forming: tubes produced in this way are characterised by maximum precision and minimised cold work hardening. In addition, the tubes remain highly machinable, which is often a prerequisite for the integration of further process steps. Pipes and profiles produced and welded on its roll forming systems have always been characterised by their high quality. Dreistern and its systems pay attention to every detail – the uniform and even weld seam, the tension-free

and clean condition of the strip edges and the precisely defined geometry of the welding gaps, which are perfectly aligned with each other. In addition to the automated adjustability of the welding rollers, what is new is that the user can now also monitor the actual welding process continuously and sensitively. The benefits for customers, in addition to The user can now also monitor the actual welding process continuously and sensitively

Dreistern GmbH & Co KG

Specialist equipment for printing on tubes and wire with speed and accuracy

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line stopping for cleaning. Leibinger’s printhead technology prevents air from getting to the ink when not in use, so there is no clogging or downtime. One customer reported spending two to three hours a day cleaning printers before switching to Leibinger. Wire and tube manufacturers are also under pressure to be leaner and greener. Leibinger printers use less solvent and less power, to make production more sustainable, and with the latest IQJET printer there are zero maintenance costs for five years.

Wires and tubes can be difficult to print on. The print area is small and convex, and sometimes at a high temperature, if straight out of the extrusion unit. Dark surfaces require a special kind of opaque pigmented ink to make text readable and compliant.

PRINTING on wires and tubes is a small but essential part of production that requires specialist skills. Printers need to work very quickly. As a specialist, Leibinger offers printers such as the Jet Rapid Wire that can print up to a kilometre of wire every minute.

Every metre of wire or tube needs to be perfectly printed. Leibinger says that its reliability and build quality ensure every product is compliant with all marking regulations. Many printers can get clogged when ink dries, resulting in the production

Leibinger offers coding and marking solutions for the tube and cable industries

Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co KG


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