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Transforming the tube production process for the HVAC manufacturing industry

T-DRILL has been working in the HVAC manufacturing industry for nearly 50 years, bringing innovative solutions that improve production processes. Its commitment to innovation is driven by close collaborations with industry partners and an understanding of its customers’ needs. By identifying and addressing production ‘bottlenecks,’ the company aims to enhance efficiency, reduce labour costs and improve standards in manufacturing. In a strategic move to further support the production of CuFe2P manifolds, essential components in modern HVAC systems, T-DRILL has partnered with a client to develop a trio of advanced machines. The S-56 PC stands out due to its dual-function, integrating punching and collaring operations into a single, streamlined unit. Designed for CuFe manifolds ranging from 16mm to 108mm in diameter, the machine offers a collaring range of 12mm to 58mm ID, effectively eliminating the need for traditional Tee fittings. By mechanically extruding outlets directly on the tube, the S-56 PC not only minimises the use of braze joints – cutting potential leak

T-DRILL has partnered with a key client to develop a trio of advanced machines

repeatable process suitable for CuFe tubes from 6mm to 53mm diameter and ACR copper tubes up to 104.8mm. The T-115 is engineered for versatility, capable of creating extruded outlets for branch connections across a wide range of tube sizes, from 28.5mm to 323.9mm in diameter. It accommodates a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium and high nickel alloys, making it a good solution for both in factory and on-site applications. Its semi-automatic operation ensures precision and efficiency in every task. T-DRILL prides itself of innovation, which is evident in the development of these machines. The company said each system is a testament to its commitment to advancing the HVAC manufacturing industry, offering clients efficiency, sustainability and quality. A spokesperson added: “As we continue to explore new horizons in manufacturing technology, T-DRILL remains dedicated to being a leading innovator in tube and pipe fabrication solutions.”

points by two-thirds per outlet – but also supports a greener production line with its energy efficient design. The fully automatic SPM-115 redefines tube end sealing with its servo-controlled precision. By replacing wrought copper caps with seamless flat closures, this machine offers a significant leap towards sustainable manufacturing. Its all-electric operation cuts down on energy consumption and material waste, providing a quiet, efficient and



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