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UV protective tube coatings By Oriol Serra, regional product line and application manager, Quaker Houghton

the drying factor is eliminated from the equation (ambient temperature, humidity become less relevant). With current products, a protection of more than one year can be ensured by Quakercoat new products, proven by commercial usage in the market. Quaker Houghton has been supplying coating technology to the market of tubes and pipes for more than 20 years. Several generations have been developed during these past years always positioning Quaker Houghton coatings at the cutting edge of the tube and pipe market. Our experienced tube and pipe experts will work closely with your team to solve complex manufacturing challenges for seamless and welded operations. We apply our “front-to back” approach including not only a range of process fluids for the front end of pipe manufacturing, but also corrosion preventives and protective coatings to finish at the back end,

AS a producer of tubes, you may find yourself situated in a hostile environment, where environmental conditions are less than ideal for maintaining the metallic surface in optimal condition. High humidity, rainfall or snow and extreme cold are conducive to steel corrosion. Conversely, conditions involving high heat, sand, dirt, excessive solar radiation and the use of water with high salt content are unfavourable to the proper condition of pipes and tubing. Such conditions are crucial aspects in the application of coatings, especially water-based products. Humidity, ambient temperature, the presence of water, or other residues on the metal surface significantly influence the proper application of the coating and, consequently, the desired protection. All these environmental and product quality factors are diminished in importance with the use of UV products. Being cured in milliseconds through a radical reaction,

coupled with the expertise to provide customised solutions. Quaker Houghton can offer a complete portfolio of performance protective coatings ranging with all options to offer our customer the most relevant proposal for specific projects, environmental conditions and health and safety requirements. The tube and pipes market has greatly evolved through time together with UV technology and Quaker Houghton is introducing our new enhancements, Quakercoat ® 027 and Quakercoat ® 037, which offer several advantages over existing technology.

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