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Phased array inspection to ensure successful welded tube and pipe operations

ensure a smooth OD and ID free of weld flash and evaluate laminar defects in the heat affected zone. By varying the pulse timing of the individual ultrasonic elements, the weld zone can be inspected with pre-programmed multiple angles if needed. MAC’s robotic system monitors the scarf, evaluates laminar defects and detects longitudinal OD/ID defects typical of the weld process such as lack of fusion, pin hole penetrators, hook cracks and misalignment of the parent material. B-scan and C-scan views result in real time images of the weld profile and defects and no averaging or AGC is used. Intuitive HMI push buttons control the robot and manipulate the test head. Integrated signals from the mill PLC initiate a quick retract to safety position when an approaching open weld, cut-out or similar condition occurs. Installation can also be in a lower temperature area below 140°F (60°C) for ID/OD longitudinal flaw detection and profile monitoring, after the forming and shaping operation. While the tube configuration in the hot zone area after the welder is not a uniform cylindrical shape, by the time it reaches further down

ACCURATE inspection systems are a key part of ensuring successful tube welding operations. Undercuts, under filled, incomplete penetration, spatter, overlap and incomplete fusion, are just some of the conditions in the welding process that can cause tubing to fail. An accurate, timely inspection, for example, installed within the heat affected zone, often within 40ft of the welder at temperatures up to 252°F (122°C), prior to the forming rolls, can give the operator instant feedback when the scarfing tool is bad or broken. By providing test data immediately, adjustments to the welding operation can be made quickly, saving many feet of would be-scrap tube. Phased array ultrasonic test systems such as Magnetic Analysis Corp’s latest phased array robotic system, Echomac ® PA TW, can provide advantages when inspecting for tube weld zone defects in the heat affected zone. This system can scan the entire weld area, without the need to change the settings. In the welding process the weld area is not always tightly controlled with respect to its position on the circumferential axis. Phased array scanning can handle this variation, inspecting several inches to

Echomac ® PA TW phased array ultrasonic testing welded tube

line, the round shape and wall thickness is more uniform enabling more accurate defect detection. The small footprint allows the customer to select the exact part of the process to be monitored. This phased array robotic system can handle tube and bar as small as 2.375" (60.3mm) diameter with a minimum wall thickness of 0.120mm and pipe as large as 28" (711mm) diameter. MAC provides a range of non destructive test instruments and systems for detecting weld zone defects, including gantry type test head positioning, conventional ultrasonic and eddy current technologies.

Magnetic Analysis Corp

Kemppi helps Ukraine with welding initiative KEMPPI Oy has organises a stove welding day with companies from Lahti region of Finland invited to attend. By organising the welding day, Kemppi responds to the challenge of LUT University to help Ukrainians. Stoves can be used to heat apartments and cook food. The purpose is to help Ukrainians suffering from energy shortages. Many Ukrainians currently have no electricity or heat distribution. can make people’s lives easier in the midst of war. This is a unique project, that we are honoured to be part of,” said Aarno Laine, director, domestic sales, Kemppi Oy.

Dozens of stoves intended for households have been manufactured at LUT and transported to Ukrainians suffering from energy shortages. This is the university’s mechanical engineering students’ and staff’s project, where the stoves are made as part of the course exercises. Kemppi, which now organises the welding day, also participated in the project by sending a welder to Lappeenranta for two days.

Companies VS-Welding Oy, Speweld Service Oy, Halton Marine Oy, Peikko Finland Oy and Kouvola Vocational Institute Ltd, Eduko responded to Kemppi’s invitation to participate in the welding day. More than 30 companies from all over Finland have already participated in LUT University’s challenge. “The situation in Ukraine is very challenging because of the destruction caused by the Russian attacks. Electricity and heating disruptions are significant. By making these stoves, we

Stoves can be used in an emergency to heat apartments and to cook food

Kemppi Oy


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