TPT March 2023

Semi-automatic bandsaw allows complete tube cutting cycle

a large, round working table “plateau” that turns with the blade, guaranteeing excellent support for the material to cut. The system prevents the blade from cutting the working table as is the case with the conventional bandsaws. The S.TRAD 380 SO Plus has a large cast-iron vice with handwheel and quick locking lever. The vice is equipped with a practical handle for rapid movement and is mounted on a rail to allow lateral displacement. There is the possibility to make cuts from 0° to 60° to the right and to 45° to the left. Blade tension is adjusted by handwheel and the analogical pressure transducer is visualised on the display. Automatic stop of the machine occurs in case of blade breakage or insufficient tension of the blade. The digital controller offers three different operating functions; semi-automatic cutting cycle; and manual vice adjustment through handwheel – semi-automatic start through pedal switch or control panel switch.

THE STHEMMA Srl S.TRAD 380 SO Plus bandsaw allows the user to make a complete cutting cycle without the constant presence of the operator because of its original hydraulic control system, which allows the descent of the sawframe. Infinitely variable blade speed is possible using the Invertor, ranging from 20 to 105m/min. Analogic measurement of the starting position of the sawframe and blade tension is also possible. It also features a limit switch to set the sawframe return just above the material to cut and a button allowing a rapid approach to the material to cut. It has a centralised control panel at the front of the machine including a luminous alarm system. Automation is controlled by a safety relay. It also features a high efficiency hydraulic pump and low energy consumption. The machine is practical and reliable for all the cutting needs of small and medium-sized ferrous materials. It uses

The system prevents the blade from cutting the working table

The machine carries out a complete cutting cycle including vice locking, sawframe downfeed, cut, sawframe return and vice opening. Manual cutting cycle includes: manual vice adjustment through handwheel; material vice locking through switch key; sawband start through gripswitch; manual sawframe pull down and cut; and material vice opening through switch key.



MARCH 2023

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