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Successful installation of two Termomacchine high frequency tube welders

Reduced downtime: the advanced technology and reliability of the Termomacchine welders mean fewer breakdowns and maintenance issues. This translates to less downtime and more uninterrupted production runs, enhancing overall productivity. Energy efficiency: the new welders are designed to be more energy efficient, reducing operational costs and contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing process. “The installation of these two new Termomacchine high frequency welders is a significant step forward for our customer in Tennessee,” said Dean Costello, CEO of Kent Corporation. “By replacing the older units with these advanced machines, we are helping our customer achieve higher levels of efficiency and product quality.” Mr Costello added: “We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible solutions to enhance their operations.” Kent Corporation, headquartered in Ohio, US, designs and manufacturing advanced equipment for the coil processing, tube mill and roll forming industries.

KENT Corporation, an innovator in the manufacturing and integration of coil processing, tube mill and roll forming equipment, has successfully installed two new Termomacchine high frequency welders for an important customer in Tennessee, US. This strategic upgrade is set to improve operational efficiency and product quality for the customer and marks a milestone in Kent Corporation’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge industrial solutions. The installation of these advanced Termomacchine welders represents a significant enhancement for the Tennessee-based customer, replacing two older units that had been the backbone of the welding operations for many years. The decision to upgrade to the Termomacchine welders was driven by the need for higher efficiency, reduced downtime and improved weld quality, all of which are critical factors in maintaining a competitive edge in today’s manufacturing landscape. The Termomacchine high frequency welders are known for a robust design and excellent welding capabilities. The state-of-the-art machines utilise the latest in high frequency welding technology, providing consistent welds that are essential for high-quality tube and pipe production. With the ability to operate

The Termomacchine high frequency welders supplied by Kent Corporation

1 /3 Page Horizontal superior weld integrity and consistency. This is crucial for the customer, whose products require the highest standards of durability and strength. at higher speeds and with greater accuracy, the new welders are expected to streamline the customer’s production process, reduce material waste and enhance overall product quality. Some of the benefits of the new welders are: Variable frequency: the new welders are self-tuning at variable frequencies, allowing for faster welding speeds and increased production throughput. This is a significant improvement over the older units, which were limited in their operational speed and efficiency. Enhanced weld quality: the precision and control offered by the Termomacchine welders ensure

Kent Corporation

Equipment carrier for electroslag welding (ES-Welding)

Equipment carrier with control station for electroslag welding GT500F-Z4.250K-X1.500Z-ZT4.200SP Xs250-Ys100 vertical welding of pipes and plates




Wall thickness Stroke range welding heads

50-400 mm

650-5000 mm (Weld length approx.4000mm)

approx. v=10 - 100 mm/min, infinitely adjustable 400V/3P/N/PE/50Hz, 35 kW, 63 amps

Welding speed

Power supply Welding heads

3 pcs.


3.000 kg (3x welding wire reel) Coesterweg 45, 59494 Soest, Germany

Tel.: +49 2921/3690 223 email: Website:


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