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Precise process control yields the best welds from the very first tube to the very last, every mill run. We think about the process of high frequency welding, rather than just transistors and chips.

Peace of mind. Every time.


Roll Formers and Tooling for Any Application The engineering staff at T&H Lemont, long known for its expertise in designing and building robust, innovative tube and pipe mills, likewise has a deep reservoir of roll forming knowledge. The team is ready to design your next roll former, regardless of the application. Whether it’s a small part for a shelving unit, a heavy-duty component for a support frame, or a wide-format part such as a roofing panel, T&H Lemont’s engineering team has the expertise you need.

When you need a roll forming machine or a complete roll forming line and tooling, contact T&H Lemont.

Metal Is What You Make Of It.

T&H Lemont • 5118 Dansher Road • Countryside, IL 60525 USA • 708-482-1800 •

I NDE X Editorial

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ISEND.....................................................10 ISTech.....................................................44 Kemppi Oy........................................37, 43 The Laser Cutting Co..............................40 Made in Steel 2023.................................18 Maersk....................................................32 McElroy Manufacturing...........................33 Molecor...................................................26 Müller Opladen GmbH............................39 N’GENIUS Materials Technology............53 Norsk Stål AS..........................................46 NS Máquinas. ...........................................6 Nucor Corporation.....................................7 Pemamek Srl. .........................................24 Pixargus GmbH.......................................30 Plastics Pipe Institute Inc........................51 Politejo....................................................52 Primetals Technologies...........................36 Randolph Tool Co Inc..............................41

ABB.........................................................34 battenfeld-cincinnati................................12 BLM Group..............................................41 Borealis...................................................52 BPF Pipes Group....................................47 Bültmann GmbH. ....................................34 CML International SpA............................42 Controle Mesure Systemes.....................28 Corinth Pipeworks...................................48 Danieli SpA. ............................................21 Ermaksan................................................16 ESAB. .......................................................8 EuroBLECH 2022. ..................................20 Fives Group. .............................................7 Fronius International GmbH....................36 Fulkrum...................................................49 Guyson International...............................27 Inductotherm Heating & Welding............10 InfoSight..................................................16



You have tube and pipe to produce.

We can help you do that.

Guild International o ers complete entry systems for your tube and pipe production lines that can be customized to accommodate your particular needs. Our entry systems may include an uncoiler, speed funnel, shearwelder, accumulator, or anything else you may require.

Guild International can design and build the coil joining and mill entry equipment you need to keep your lines up and running smoothly and pro tably. We are the leader in supplying coil joining and

mill entry equipment for the tube and pipe and steel processing industries around the world. Isn’t it time to put Guild’s experience and expertise to work on your tube and pipe production lines?

World Leader in Coil Joining Equipment for the Steel Processing, Tube Producing and Stamping Industries Since 1958 +1.440.232.5887 USA

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January issue • Business & market news

The trade magazine for tube and pipe products

January 2023

• Energy transition brings innovative valve, tube and fittings solutions into focus

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Innovative nesting strategies for real-world tube manufacturing that optimise par t processing and workflow efficiency By Marc Freebrey, vice-president of marketing & product strategy, Cambrio

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The January Issue Welcome to the latest issue of

January/February 2023 Vol 36 No 1

Tube & Pipe Technology magazine. I would like to wish all of our readers a happy 2023. I hope that this year sees a gradual end to supply chain issues that I know a lot readers have experienced. And of course a return to a healthy economic situation globally following the recent pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Rory McBride – Editor in chief

In this issue we have a feature on cutting technology, sawing & saw blades starting on page 38. We also have an article by Marc Freebrey at Cambrio taking an in-depth look at the latest strategies to help make real-world tube manufacturing more efficient (page 57). In our tube products section (starting on page 45) we have an article looking at the important role that tubes and valves have to play in the energy transition, as well as all the latest business & marketing news related to end products. In the forthcoming March issue of TPT magazine we have features on tube welding machines & technology; handling, bundling, packaging & logistics; and advances in tube measuring & marking. Our tube products focus for this issue is on small diameter, high precision tubes and plastic pipe production. If you would like to submit an article, or have any questions, you can contact me at: The deadline for both editorial and advertising in the March issue is 3 February 2023. I hope you enjoy the magazine.


ai16703435915_MD1037 Thermatool Process Control with Template2.pdf 1 12/6/2022 11:19:55 AM

The international magazine for the tube & pipe industries

On the cover . . . Thermatool Corp, an Inductotherm Group Company, is a worldwide leader in high frequency solid-state induction welding for tube and pipe applications. From API to spirally wound fin tube to engineered structural sections, Thermatool’s innovations consistently push the limits on design and implementation of HF welded products. These improvements have enabled



VOL 36 NO 1


ISSN: 0953-2366









Precise process control yields the best welds from the very first tube to the very last, every mill run. We think about the process of high frequency welding, rather than just transistors and chips.

Peace of mind. Every time.


Thermatool to demonstrate excellence in efficiency, weld quality and welding process.

Thermatool Corp is a global supplier with local manufacturing, service and research centres to support its broad customer base. Thermatool is built on the quality of its engineering and the strength of its service. Thermatool Corp offers product and process knowledge compiled over decades of developing new systems and innovative approaches to exceeding product requirements. Services include comprehensive process development and metallurgical capabilities, complete engineering design and equipment manufacturing, a research and development centre, customer training and an aftermarket support and service group.


I NDUS T RY Largest planetary diameter tube finishing machine boosts safety and automation

belt) and the beauty of the planetary system is that the tube does not spin. With the combination of photocells and user-friendly programmable software, it is possible to work in two different automatic modes: automatic standard and automatic with repetition. In the standard mode, the abrasive belts open automatically for tube entrance, close tight to the tube to make pressure, and open just on the very extremity of the product, allowing a complete automatic tube finishing. The automatic mode with repetition allows the tube to pass through the orbital wheel as many times as programmed, until reaching the desired finishing. This can be used for high rates of material removal or whenever a fine finish is required. In this mode, the worker is free to do other jobs while the machine does the work it was programmed for. All the programs can be stored and saved for future uses. Together with this, the ML350 also features an energy saving mode, with automatic start and stop. The motors are turned on when needed and turned off automatically as soon as the machine detects that there is no tube inside. In addition the machine shuts down completely after five minutes of inactivity, avoiding unnecessary energy waste. In order to increase autonomy, NS Máquinas has been developing and supplying a large number of solutions for automatic tube loading and unloading. Conveyor systems or bundle type can be integrated to any ML tube finishing machine, including the ML350. The ML350 is an all-in-one machine that ensures safety and a consistent finish in large diameters, long and heavy tubes.

ROUND tube finishing is an increasing requirement for manufacturers in many diverse global markets. To address these needs, NS Máquinas has developed the largest planetary finishing machine – the ML350. This machine can work with tubes from OD60mm up to OD356mm. The concept of the planetary system is that the abrasive belts rotate around the tube while the feeding rollers are transporting it through the finishing stations of the machine. All MLmachines are equipped with this system. Unlike the centreless system, the planetary concept grants almost no vibration and keeps the temperature to a minimum, preventing material distortion and ensuring better quality finishing. It is also possible to finish different shaped tubes, like oval and conic, whether they are drilled or tapered. The ML350 was born from the need to finish long, large diameter tubes. It is a one-of-a-kind machine, helping companies to be more self-sufficient in the finishing process. This is to help accomplish a perfect looking finish as well as to improve the safety of the operator. To feed these large tubes into the machine, two motors with 0.37kW on each side are used, ensuring enough strength to transport tubes up to 600kg and a two-direction feeding system. While feeding the tube into the machine, ML350 has a photocells system to open the abrasive belts when the tube is entering the orbital wheel, allowing a lifetime increase of this polishing consumable. The 5.5kW motor puts the orbital wheel spinning around the tube and the 15kW motor runs the 120 x 2,300mm long abrasive belts, making them go up to 25m/s. The large measures of the abrasive belts result in a larger point of contact with the tube, leading to more material removed and less time spent replacing consumables.

The ML350 is an all-in-one machine that ensures safety and a consistent finish

ML350, like its younger brother ML300, joins the free belt system (common to all ML machines) with a double pressure roller: flexibility to cope with out-of round tubes and stock removal in one finishing machine. The abrasive belts are supported by a double system of 3+1 rollers. Three main rollers – one to run the abrasive belt, another for diameter adjustment, and the last one for belt tensioning. Then the pressure roller that works as an automatic contact roller. This roller will apply pressure on the tube, enforcing the removal of more material. In the end, the worker can choose whether to use it or not and its tension and the abrasive belt’s flexibility. The grinding pressure the user would experience from two contact grinding rollers (one assembled on each abrasive

NS Máquinas





9-12 January STEELFAB Sharjah, UAE 7-10 March Global Industrie Lyon, France 9-11 May Made In Steel Milan, Italy 10-13 May Lamiera Milan, Italy 14-16 June Tube China Shanghai, China 11-14 September FABTECH Chicago, IL, USA 18-23 September EMO-Hannover Hanover, Germany 20-22 September Tube Southeast Asia Bangkok, Thailand 2024

Fives provides integrated tube cut-off and packaging to maximise productivity

relationship between Fives and Nucor was an added benefit, as Nucor already has trust in our solutions,” said Ricardo Sierra, vice-president of sales & marketing at Fives Bronx Inc, a subsidiary of Fives, which specialises in mill and finishing equipment. Following the success of the new packaging system order, Nucor Marseilles also chose Fives to put in a new cut-off for their 12K Abbey mill, which was originally installed for structural applications. This new cut-off will be a multi-mode cut-off machine, which allows for improved quality cuts while maximising the cutting speeds. With the packaging system and cut-off being installed by Fives on the same mill, this became a great opportunity to implement them together and create an integrated solution. Fives will also be upgrading the Transition Beam System (TBS) on the 12K Abbey mill at Nucor Marseilles to support their current market requirements of 0.630" max thickness for HSS tubing. TBS is an optimised forming system capable of improving the forming process for a large range of tube sizes while also minimising tooling costs and reducing changeover times. Fives is looking forward to working with Nucor Marseilles on these various projects, as well as working

NUCOR Corporation, North America’s largest steelmaker, has chosen Fives, an industrial engineering group, for a new packaging system and a cut-off for its Nucor Tubular Product facility, located in Marseilles, USA. Nucor Marseilles was looking to maximise the productivity and reliability of its mill while also increasing the safety of operators by moving away from manual packaging and strapping techniques. Fives will provide Nucor Marseilles with a new Taylor-Wilson packaging system from the run-out all the way to the distribution of the bundles. This new packaging system will be capable of packaging tubes from 18" to 80" long with wall thickness up to 5 / 8 " and mother tubes up to 12 3 / 4 ". Fives partnered with ITIPACK to provide the best solution for Nucor Marseilles. ITIPACK will supply an automatic strapping mechanism while Fives provides the handling and bundling solutions. These automated systems will increase safety of operators by removing the need to handle tube by hand and will maximise the overall productivity and reliability of the mill exit. “Our proven technical expertise and finishing solutions gave Fives the upper hand in this project. The long-standing

with Nucor’s greenfield sheet mill in West Virginia, USA, to install two new galvanising lines, which will be operational in 2024.

15-19 April Tube Düsseldorf Düsseldorf, Germany

Fives Group Nucor Corporation

A new cut-off for the Nucor Tubular Product facility

As with all shows, and with the continuing coronavirus pandemic, please check to ensure the event is going ahead


Unison recruits key tube bending exper ts from Addison Forming Technologies

UNISON, a leading manufacturer of tube bending machines and the inventor of all-electric tube manipulation, has recruited several former employees from Addison Forming Technologies (formerly known as Addison McKee), which has now ceased trading. “With new Unison tube bending technologies and software in the pipeline, new markets to break into, and long-term strategic plans, we decided to recruit as many of the former Addison team members as we could justify and, in doing so, keep their considerable skills in the UK,” said Alan Pickering, Unison’s joint managing director. “Between them, the guys from Addison Forming Technologies offer many decades of irreplaceable tube bending knowledge,” added Mr Pickering. “Therefore, when we heard that the business had ceased trading back in July, we simply couldn’t sit back, do nothing and allow such fantastic talent to be wasted or enticed overseas. As you can imagine, this is a significant investment for us. But we are convinced it will reap rewards and enable us to offer even higher levels of service to our global customer base.” Already working at Unison are former Addison Forming Technologies international sales manager Andy Worthington, proposals engineer Luke Gibson, software engineer Bill Watson and machine tools designer Dan Gallagher. Further new starters are expected in the coming weeks.

(From left to right) Andy Worthington, Alan Pickering and Luke Gibson

bending and control technologies to North American customers.” Luke Gibson, who joins Unison as a tooling sales specialist, added: “The quality of the bend tool solutions on offer at Unison is exceptional. The company has clearly invested regularly in its bend tooling offering over the years, and it shows. In fact, tit is about to purchase a new CNC machine specifically for its tooling division. Unison can support virtually any make of bender with a precise tooling solution and will even adapt tooling to fit specific machines.” Unison is a manufacturer of tube and pipe bending machines. It manufactured the world’s first all-electric tube bender in 1994, followed by the world’s first all electric multi-stack tube bender, then the world’s largest all-electric tube bender for the shipbuilding industry.

Commenting on joining Unison as international sales manager, Andy Worthington said: “I’ve known the Unison team for almost all of the 28 years I worked at the Walton Summit site. As you’d expect, there was always friendly rivalry between the two companies. Whereas Addison’s Databend machines were largely focused on the automotive exhaust sector, Unison’s tube bending technologies have a much wider reach – with all-electric Breeze and hybrid Synergy machines, and associated tooling, for sectors including shipbuilding, aerospace, oil & gas, architecture, motorsport and general manufacturing. “As international sales manager, I am looking forward to exploring new markets and introducing Unison’s technologies to contacts old and new. I have recently visited FABTECH in Atlanta in early November, where Unison showcased its latest tube

Unison Ltd

ESAB to begin producing aluminium MIG welding wires at its Czech Republic operation

for the new production line will be sourced regionally in Europe, further reducing the environmental impact through decreased transportation-related fuel use. For more than 100 years ESAB has offered workflow solutions from more than 40 trusted brands in the welding and cutting industry.

will undergo ESAB’s stringent quality assurance and agency certification procedures to ensure the highest level of quality, and product performance will be identical to the current standards for ESAB aluminium weld wires. Internal material specifications for wire chemistry, cleanliness, feedability and weld quality remain consistent with the company’s previous wires produced at their other global production facilities. Rawmaterials

TO create shorter lead times, improve on-time delivery, and reduce supply chain environmental impact, ESAB has announced that it will begin the production of aluminium MIG welding wires at its operations in Vamberk, Czech Republic. The production will ramp up in the coming months, establishing a centre of service for European customers. Aluminium wire production in Vamberk






Thermatool Solid State CFI variable frequency welder selected by tube producer in Poland

everyday welding application. As a leading global induction heating and welding manufacturer specialising in tube and pipe welders, Thermatool provides a wide range of specialised HF welders. Inductotherm Heating & Welding (the European manufacturers of Thermatool, Radyne and Banyard brands) has completed thousands of installations globally. With decades of process knowledge coupled with dedicated aftersales support and training facilities, Bimerg said it felt assured it had found the best company to support its needs. With its Current-Fed Inverter (CFI) design, Inductotherm’s welding equipment range gives customers the capability to successfully weld almost any metal efficiently and economically. Its welding equipment can weld carbon and stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminium, as well as exotic alloys, such as boron steel and HSLA, AHSS and trip steels. defects – or potential defects – some serious, some slight, as well as false positives. It is not productive to dedicate human resources to look at and interpret thousands of images. ISEND has been developing its EDDYeyes systems since 2014 to deal with this problem using eddy currents as the primary detection system; machine vision as a support system; and artificial intelligence with advanced machine learning algorithms for defect classification in real time. In addition, this information can be shared between customers and suppliers, taking quality control and traceability to the next level. With proper use of the EDDYeyes system, a rolling mill can increase efficiency, reduce CO 2 emissions and be more competitive.

INDUCTOTHERM Heating & Welding has announced the sale of a Thermatool 700kW CFI High Frequency Welder to Bimerg, a major tube manufacturer based in Poland. Bimerg is a leading producer of a wide range of cold formed products with square, rectangular and round sections. It also offers its own steel service centre, which includes hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel and galvanised steel. The company was founded in 1996 as part of the Budmat group and has since grown into a multi-plant company. After a successful branding change in 2016 the company started operating under the new name Bimerg and has now successfully implemented its strategy in product development and sales. Bimerg is also committed to sustainability with the continuous modernisation of machinery a key target. Utilising its modern facility, and the implementation of innovative technological solutions, combined with using top quality materials from proven suppliers, allows Bimerg to offer the market high quality products.

Bimerg took special consideration in its choice to select Thermatool welders as its high-powered performance machine. This highly considered choice was secured due to Thermatool’s ability to have true operator selectable variable frequency 200kHz to 300kHz. This allows the operator to select the exact frequency in steps of 1kHz giving this machine the ability to assist Bimerg’s varied production range. Induction is known as an energy efficient process for welding tube – the Thermatool CFI HF Welder provides confidence due to its extensive field testing and is acknowledged as a highly reliable and efficient solid-state tube and pipe welder. Every Thermatool HF Welder is backed by expert weld process and materials knowledge, providing each customer with the best approach to meeting specific challenging and A MAJOR German manufacturer has chosen ISEND’s EDDYeyes with artificial intelligence to help to improve the quality of its products. An ISEND spokesperson said: “One of our most important values is the sustainability of the steel industry. So we are committed to helping our customers achieve the highest quality standards. “Today, the key to quality control of this type of product is the use of artificial intelligence to classify defects automatically with a high percentages of accuracy. This information is crucial to offer the right product to each customer, reduce complaints and improve market loyalty.” Compared to solutions that offer only defect images, ISEND said that it incorporates machine learning for defect identification. A coil of more than 13km can have hundreds or thousands of

Inductotherm Heating & Welding German manufacturer chooses EDDYeyes





New pipe extrusion line concept wins first prize at IF Design Award 2022 in Hanover

available in five machine sizes – for pipes with diameters of up to 63, 160, 250, 400 and 630mm. All aggregates, from the extruder, the calibration and cooling unit, the vacuum tank up to the cutting device and the tilt table, are manufactured in-house by battenfeld cincinnati with perfect technical synchronisation to exclude all interface problems, and now also visually coordinated as well as integrated into the intuitively operated BCtouch UX control system.

“Of course, continuous technical optimisation of all machine components is part and parcel of our daily production routine. After all, we want to be ready at all times to meet customers’ needs as well as any changes in the market with modern, efficient concepts,” said Dr Henning Stieglitz, CTO of the battenfeld-cincinnati group. From now on all individual components in a pipe extrusion line will also be presented with a modern, functional and uniform image. Optimal accessibility and operation and easy cleaning options characterise the new design of all machine components. The lines are currently

THE Industry Forum Design Award is awarded by the association IF Industrie Forum Design EV based in Hanover, Germany. This year, battenfeld cincinnati impressed the jury with its uniform pipe extrusion line design in the corporate colours, which managed to win the first prize. The design was officially unveiled at the K trade event and presented to the public. From January 2023 onwards, the design will be a part of the company’s products as standard, and all pipe extrusion lines delivered will appear in the uniform design and equipped with new functionalities.


Innovative laser and clamping technology for the efficient production of flexible tube and sheet metal assemblies

is called Flexible Laser Solutions: variable system technology for efficient laser welding and cutting of sheet metal assemblies with individual concepts. Quick-change systems of the component-specific clamping devices enable a short-cycle product change. A flexible basic machine enables the production of a wide variety of products simply by changing the clamping device. Single clamping and coordinated machining optics ensure high repeatability that meet the highest quality standards. Machines for the production of hot water tanks and tubes: energy and material savings are essential factors shaping manufacturing in the HVAC industry. Here, systems for rollforming and welding with sophisticated clamping technology offer proven flexibility and quality as well as innovative individual solutions, for example in the production of thin-walled tubes or high-quality (pressure) vessels. In the e-mobility segment, the company offers several innovative applications, especially in laser cutting and welding: laser cutting and welding of bipolar plates, laser cutting of electrical sheets, laser welding of stator packs, laser welding of high-voltage heaters, cell contacting by laser welding, and punching of radiator fins for power coolers. In addition, its TechCenter, as part of the development and innovation division, offers advice on component design suitable for welding, investigations into process stability, development of clamping technology suitable for laser welding, validation of components and production of prototypes and pilot series.

WEIL Technology and Schaal Technology recently attended EuroBLECH and visitors were able to view their innovative laser, clamping and automation technologies for sheet metal and tube processing. The companies exhibited highly flexible laser applications for the efficient production of sheet metal assemblies, flexible tube manufacturing for the HVAC and pressure vessel sector as well as in the mobility sector innovative manufacturing solutions that enable economical laser processing of cell housings, bipolar plates, electrical sheets and heat exchangers. In addition, Schaal Technology presented equipment for forming and punching all materials, from paper to spring steel. In the field of sheet metal processing and assemblies, production is characterised by different batch sizes and fluctuating incoming orders. Its solution for more added value Highly flexible laser applications for the efficient production of sheet metal assemblies and flexible tube

Weil Technology




Introduction of new tube and plate machines during EuroBLECH trade event

VOORTMAN Steel Machinery exhibited for the 11 th time at the recent EuroBLECH in Hanover. Voortman presented the latest developments in the field of unmanned production, multi processing, flexibility and real-time feedback. Demonstrations were given and the latest machines shown to visitors for the first time. Visitors to EuroBLECH were introduced to the world’s first automated plate sorting solution, the Voortman Plate Sorter. An

The Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit was unveiled at the EuroBLECH trade fair

the fair makes participation very dynamic. It is the place to showcase innovations. Among other things, we are specially transporting the Voortman V633, the fastest drilling, milling and marking machine in the world, to Hanover for the fair. Quite an organisation effort, but you wanted to show the world our latest developments.”

innovative solution for sorting finished plate parts, building project buffers and optimising logistics route. The Voortman Pipe Cutting Unit was the other new machine that Voortman Steel Machinery unveiled at the Hanover trade fair offering the latest developments in pipe cutting. The TrueVolt technology is combined with a predictive model based on the full cut. This results in constant cutting quality. Sales director Henk Maassen van den Brink, was excited to be at EuroBLECH. He said: “The international character of

Voortman Steel Machinery



F OREV R Shijiazhuang Forever Machinery Co., Ltd.

F OREVVER Shijiazhuang Forever Machinery Co., Ltd.

HF Tube/Pipe Mill Line Cold Roll Forming Machine Slitting Line and Cut-to-length Line Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular Tube Mill Line Tube/Pipe Mill Line ld Roll Forming Machine tting Line and Cut-to-length Line ectly Forming t Square and R ctangular Tube Mill Line


InfoSight announces appointment of new president, CEO and research director

InfoSight has announced the recruitment of Aaron Thaler as research and product development director. Mr Thaler arrive at InfoSight from Owens-Corning, where he was the R&D program leader. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University. InfoSight provides identification and traceability solutions for high value products and assets in harsh industrial and other extreme environments.

role of CEO had previously been filled by founder, inventor and entrepreneur Dr John Robertson. Mr Underhill will assume responsibilities for long-term strategy and overall leadership of the company, including the direction of day-to-day operations at InfoSight. Mr Hudelson and Underhill will work as a team to prepare for this transition in 2023. InfoSight will remain committed to providing its customers with the unique solutions and outstanding customer service they have come to expect from InfoSight. Sustainable innovation is also important to InfoSight’s strategic plan.

INFOSIGHT has made several organisational announcements. Dave Hudelson, president and COO, will move into the newly created position of executive chairman. He will continue in a leadership role as chairman of the board of directors. He will focus on external relationships, technological development and mentorship for the incoming president and CEO. Mr Hudelson will oversee a smooth transition as he plans for eventual retirement. Rob Underhill, CFO and VP of business development, will become InfoSight’s president and CEO. The

InfoSight Ermaksan presents its tube and sheet metal technology at EuroBLECH in Hanover ERMAKSAN recently exhibited

a production volume of 250mm x 250mm x 300mm. Offering flexibility and unlimited freedom to users with its open parameter structure, this model is equipped with a dual laser to meet different customer demands. This machine has a dual laser system, increases the productivity of laser systems and speeds up the production of parts, increasing the production rate and productivity. Parts manufactured by laser melting can be produced with a density of over 99 per cent in standard parts and good mechanical properties. On show was also the EPL 1530 plasma cutting machine equipped with Hypertherm XPR300 plasma power source, Optimix gas console and TrueBevel technology. The machine provides wide and flexible solutions with its low investment and operation cost advantages, being appropriate to production lines and automation, improved accurate cutting quality. By combining new technology with refined processes for new generation, X-Definition cutting operations on black sheet, stainless steel and aluminium materials.

at EuroBLECH 2022, in Hanover, Germany. Ermaksan offers various machine models and customised solutions. It also contributes to smart manufacturing processes by developing machines suitable for automation. With the industry 4.0 solutions, which are providing greater flexibility in production processes, factories are much smarter, and the manufacturing operations are more digital and traceable. The WeldErmak robotic laser welding system was developed by Ermaksan to meet the expectation all kind of industrial laser welding applications. High-performance fibre laser sources produced by Ermaksan allow the customer to obtain high quality results. Ermaksan’s new Fibermak Gen-5 laser cutting machine is designed for increasing productivity and accuracy at higher cutting speeds. The Fibermak, equipped with a 15kW laser source, was presented with the Towermak fully automatic sheet metal loading and unloading system with six shelves. Ermaksan’s new full automatic pipe cutting machine come with automatic pipe loading section – pipes are loaded as a bundle and a pipe is made ready to be loaded into the chucks. It is equipped

with 3kW IPG laser source and can process pipes Ø20 – Ø150, as well as square and rectangular. The Fibertube laser pipe and profile cutting machine has been designed to suit specific customer needs and processes with a wide range of applications ranging from defense and aerospace to furniture. Enavision 250 is used to overcome complex difficulties in the industrial field and to make easy production of complex geometries. With its open access architecture, it allows the use of different types of powder in various sectors. Enavision 250 has The new Ermaksan full automatic pipe cutting machine with automatic pipe loading section: the pipes loaded as a bundle are separated and a pipe is made ready to be loaded into the chucks




Since 1978

40 years of field experience

Tube mill & finishing line pro ducing API 4” to 24” O.D x 20t

pipes, developed w ith adva nc ed

tec hnolog y and v erified th ro ugh c ontinuous R&D based on exte nsiv e field ex perienc e accumulated over 40 years in the tube mill & finishing line.

We provide API, high-strength and high-end tube mill line and an advanced finishing line alongside the latest technology on a turnkey basis. · Tube Mill Line capability of Manufacturing up to 24” · 6-Roll, 7-Roll, and 10-Roll Straightening Line · Max. 2-Head Automatic End Facing & Bevelling M/C · Max. 5-Head, 700bar Hydrostatic Tester · Automatic and Semi-automatic Bundling M/C · Related Equipment and Facilities to Comply with API Standards


4” ~ 8” O.D, Up to 18mm wall thickness TUBE MILL LINE

5” ~ 12” O.D, Up to 16mm wall thickness TUBE MILL LINE

12” ~ 24” O.D, Up to 20mm wall thickness TUBE MILL LINE

BAEKCHUN PRECISION CO., LTD. 252, beoman-ro, Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

E-mail :

Homepage :

Tel : +82 31 313 7151~3

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International exhibition dedicated to the steel industry returns to Milan in 2023

as in previous months because of the slowdown in economic growth; on the other hand, high production costs, driven by rising gas and electricity prices. According to the cost model by Ufficio Studi siderweb updated last September, energy costs (coal, gas and electricity) account for approximately 45 per cent of the production cost of a tonne of steel (mean values for blast furnaces and electric furnaces), compared to 30 per cent at the beginning of the year. “The surge in gas and electricity prices, and the low prices of finished products, are heavily eroding steel companies’ profits,” explained Gianfranco Tosini Ufficio Studi siderweb. “It should be noted that high gas prices have a greater impact on electric furnaces, because higher gas prices lead to higher electricity prices. As a result, from January to August this year, the incidence of energy on steel production costs of electric steel companies jumped from 18 per cent to 41 per cent.”

MORE than 80 per cent of the Made in Steel 2023 exhibition space has been reserved in the five months since the opening of sales. This is the best result ever for Made in Steel, the international event dedicated to the steel industry to be held in Milan from 9 to 11 May 2023. The tenth edition of the international event has about 23 per cent international exhibitors so far. Space reservations are proceeding at a fast pace, so work is underway to open additional exhibition areas. Made in Steel therefore confirms its role as a reference point for the international steel industry, a place where market trends are intercepted and tools are provided to understand the world steel scenario of today and tomorrow. It is precisely to the future of the steel industry that the title and visual of the tenth edition of the event are dedicated. The European steel industry is in a phase of uncertainty and imbalance: slowing down production and weakening demand juxtaposed by a rebound in the prices of steel products that is typical of the opposite market scenario.

Steel production in Italy has decreased this year, down 10 per cent in the January to August period according to Federacciai. European output has also fallen in the same period: -6.9 per cent, according to the latest report of the World Steel Association. A trend that in Italy and Europe seems likely not only to continue, but to worsen in the coming months. Many mills have announced shutdowns, production slowdowns or have applied for social buffers. Given the present energy crisis, European and Italian steel producers are caught between two fires: on the one hand, low product prices, also due to a demand that is no longer as vigorous Made in Steel acts as a reference point for the international steel industry

Made in Steel 2023

Sikora appoints experienced interim director for sales, marketing and service

professionally,” said Professor Thomas Sikora, chairman of the supervisory board of Sikora AG. Mr Lieder has many years of experience in sales and has a comprehensive technical understanding of Sikora technologies and market requirements. “We are pleased that with Holger Lieder we could win a very experienced manager within the company for the interim responsibility,” said Professor Sikora. “Mr Lieder knows the customers and their needs very well and we are convinced that the successful progress and growth of all business areas will continue under his direction,” he added.

IN addition to his current function as director of sales at Sikora AG, Holger Lieder has taken over the interim responsibility for the areas of marketing and service. In his function he reports directly to the CEO Dr Christian Frank. Dr Jörg Wissdorf, who was previously responsible for the areas of sales, marketing and service as a member of the executive board, is taking on new professional challenges. “We would like to thank Dr Wissdorf for his great commitment over the past two and a half years. He has initiated important change processes and successfully implemented many projects. We wish him all the best personally and

Sikora will follow up its growth strategy and foster new developments of innovative technologies. Thereby, the customer and his needs are the central focus of all activities for the company. Holger Lieder takes over, in addition to sales, the position of the interim director of the service and marketing departments at Sikora

Sikora AG



JINPIN Tube&Pipe manufacturing equipments

J i nan J i np i n Ro l l er Mou l d Co. , l td CASTJINPINBYSINCERITY

Major Product:Pipe Roller (from 6mm-752mm round pipe to 8*8mm-600*600mm square pipe)

Add:No.18 La Shan Road,Jinan city,China. Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 15726179988 / 0086 18866883738 / 0086 18553103738 E-mail: / / WhatsApp WhatsApp


EuroBLECH 2022 reveals the future of metal working and manufacturing EUROBLECH 2022, the 26th

systems from all areas of sheet metal working in action. The younger generation is increasingly gaining importance in the sheet metal working industry, due to the digital transformation and the related changes to occupational profiles. In addition, the last few years have been challenging to get a foot in the industry due to insufficient in-person events and networking opportunities. Therefore, EuroBLECH offered students the opportunity to visit EuroBLECH free of charge.

presenting 15 technology sectors across nine halls. More than 50 per cent of the exhibitors come from outside Germany reflecting the global importance of the industry sector. The major exhibitor countries are Germany, Italy, Turkey, China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Portugal, France and the US. The exhibition provided the opportunity to catch up with the latest innovations that have been developed over the past few years, as well as meeting with new and existing business contacts. Numerous live demonstrations at the exhibition offered trade visitors the opportunity to experience machines and

International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, opened its doors at the Hanover Exhibition Centre in Germany recently, featuring 1,300 exhibitors from 39 countries showcasing the latest manufacturing solutions. Reflected in this year’s motto ‘Your gateway to a smarter future’, EuroBLECH 2022 focused on intelligent solutions and the ongoing automation and digitalisation of the manufacturing chain to enable an increase in output and efficiency. With a net exhibition space of around 87,000m 2 , the event covers the entire sheet metal working technology chain,

EuroBLECH 2022

Global steel and tube producer invests in three more Thermatool HCT HF welders

to decrease CO 2 emissions intensity by 25 per cent by 2030 on a global scale – and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The new HCT HF welders help support these goals by increasing its productivity and reducing electrical energy use. “Our goal is to continue to build the smartest facility that produces strong and sustainable steel products. Steels made using efficient processes, using less energy and substantially less carbon emissions. Advanced technology has a critical role in this transformation, and that is why we chose and continue to choose Thermatool to meet our progressive advances,” the company said. “Operators and process engineers can rely on Thermatool HF welding recipes run by the patented HAZControl™ Technology HF welder,” said Chris Murray, senior regional sales manager for Thermatool. “Thermatool is committed to this company – and all of our customers – to help them to maximise their tube quality and yield profitability for the life of the equipment. We are strategically positioned around the world to support their many global tube and pipe mills.”

HF welders gives the tube and pipe producer the advanced process control it has relied upon with a significant number of HCT welders already in operation in many of its existing tube making facilities. Whether producing state of the art automotive tubing, specialised tubing, or hollow structural sections, it depends on the reliability, electrical efficiency and process stability delivered by the Thermatool Solid State HF welders. This investment across North America and Mexico will help it to achieve its goal

AN innovative international steel and tube producer, that prides itself on delivering advanced products using the most efficient processes, has been investing in Thermatool Solid State High Frequency (HF) welding equipment for more than three decades. Most recently, the company installed three HAZControl™ Technology (HCT) high frequency solid state welders across its locations in North and Central America – installing a machine at their Canada, US and Mexico locations in 2022. The addition of these three HCT

Thermatool HAZControl™ technology high frequency welder

Thermatool Corp



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