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Storm water system design application Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc (ADS), a manufacturer of water management products and solutions for non- residential, residential, infrastructure and agricultural applications, has released the enhanced Design Tool 2.0, which is now available at the company’s websites, and www. The ADS StormTech Design Tool 2.0 is available for free on the ADS website

products as well as Nyloplast ® basins and Inserta-Tee ® lateral connections. StormTech chambers are used in a vari- ety of construction project types to provide underground storage of storm water in an efficient footprint. The cham- bers are designed in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM design standards, and meet AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications for a 75-year service life. ADS manufactures thermoplastic corrugated pipe, providing a comprehensive suite of water management products and drainage solutions for use in the construction and infrastructure marketplace. Its products are used across a broad range of end markets and applications, including non-residential, residential, agriculture and infrastructure applications. Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc – USA No.1 IN STAINLESS STEEL PIPECLAMPS

The design application enables customers to incorporate site- specific information, to quickly create customised CAD layouts, and to edit and save the designs for review and modification. “Our Design Tool 2.0 is more efficient and accurate compared to anything else available in the market today,” stated Greg Spires, PE, general manager, StormTech. “Customers looking to design underground storm water management systems can easily access the application through our websites. They then can enter site- specific information and quickly produce

StormTech system layouts in both CAD and PDF formats. The result is a custom- tailored storm water management system that can be immediately utilised in project documents.” The design tool also allows customers to evaluate the feasibility of above- ground pond replacement, alternative underground products, land values and usage, regulatory compliance, rainwater harvesting, storm water quality, green infrastructure applications and more. Users can also add and specify a variety of ADS products to the StormTech design, including N-12 ® and HP pipe

Purging system for large pipes Purging large diameter pipework ready for welding can be expensive. Without restricting the volume, there is a high cost involved in inert gas used and time spent waiting for the oxygen level to reach a level low enough for welding to begin. time and gas costs. With the help of QuickPurge the pipe was purged down to 100 ppm ready for welding in just 55 minutes. The dramatic savings in time and argon paid for the system in just one weld.”

QuickPurge has an additional gas input line, allowing extra purge gas to be introduced for applications such as this, thereby achieving a faster purge down to the lowest oxygen levels, for larger diameter pipes where quality welds are required. HFT’s design of the QuickPurge system means that zero- colour welds can be achieved, with no loss of corrosion resistance caused by oxidation. For pre-heated chrome steel and high- strength stainless steel pipe joints, HFT designs and manufactures the HotPurge ® range for a higher and longer temperature exposure. Huntingdon Fusion Techniques – UK

Weld purging expert Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has designed and developed QuickPurge ® systems to reduce the space that needs to be purged, for pipes as large as 2,235mm (88"). HFT was recently tasked with a special project in the USA, where pipes with 90° elbows, up to 1,371mm Ø (54"), needed to be purged. Georgia Gascoyne, CEO at HFT, commented, “We manufactured QuickPurge systems with longer sleeves so that they could easily be pulled around the sharp bends in the pipework. The welders were previously spending half a day purging the pipe, which was costing a considerable amount in

Made in The Netherlands - Delivery from stock - diameter 6mm to DN1200 European Stainless steel - excellent t by double bending technique - also available with welding stift, nut or thread - polished or non polished



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