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Pipeotech licenses leak-proof gasket technology to Clock Spring

of sealing pressure during temperature fluctuation, all seals are manufactured from the same metal type as the connecting flange. This enables the seal and flange to expand and contract in unison, maintaining maximum sealing strength through a full range of temperature fluctuation. Matthew Boucher, CEO of Clock Spring, commented, “Like the other offerings in our portfolio, this metal-to-metal gasket is a highly engineered solution that supports the maintenance and repair of critical infrastructure and helps Clock Spring deliver better environmental stewardship in the industry. The gasket provides a key solution our industrial oil and gas customers are asking for to reduce fugitive emissions in their operations.” Pipeotech AS – Norway Clock Spring Company Inc – USA

extending the reach of this product to empower more companies to reduce fugitive emissions.” Based on the leak-proof technology of the DeltaV-Seal, the zero-emissions Full Metal Gasket™ features the same proprietary V-shaped rings in order to achieve sealing strengths claimed to exceed 10,000 times stronger than the requirements of the oil and gas industry. This joint sealing technology utilises a triple V-ring system to compress and conform to the surface of a flange, completely eliminating emissions. This also enables a complete connection to be achieved, even at pre-torqued specifications equal to 17 Nm (35 per cent of required Statoil torque for sheet gaskets). Using advanced CNC machining methods, the DeltaV-Seal and Full Metal Gasket are milled from a single metal billet to ensure consistent levels of product quality and reliability. In order to eliminate emissions caused by loss Rotork IQ intelligent electric valve actuators are technically advanced, robust, reliable and user-friendly. These qualities have been further enhanced with the option of a bespoke plug and socket electrical connection. The new optional modular Rotork plug and socket interface provides a fast connect/disconnect option for IQ3 multi-turn and IQT3 part-turn actuators, encompassing three-phase, one- phase and DC (IQT3 only) electrical variants and including many actuators with explosion-proof Ex d enclosures conforming to ATEX, IECEx, CSA and CSAus international standards. The plug and socket terminal cover maintains the integrity of the actuator’s double-sealed enclosure and IP68 watertight environmental protection

In a strategic effort to expand market presence, leak-proof sealing technology expert Pipeotech has entered into a partnership agreement with Clock Spring Company Inc, permitting the technology behind the DeltaV-Seal™ to be licensed, developed and produced by Clock Spring. The agreement enables both companies to produce and market the smart sealing technology to the industrial marketplace, effectively expanding the product presence to new prospective clients. “Pipeotech is pleased to have Clock Spring as a sales, marketing and manufacturing partner to drive penetration of this zero-emissions technology into key regions in the oil and gas and industrial sectors,” said Pipeotech CEO Henrik Sollie. “Through this licensing agreement, we are

Rotork adds plug and socket option to IQ range

(submersible in 20m of water for ten days). A plug and socket interface is favoured in some industries for providing quick and easy field wiring and quick removal or interchange of actuators for main- tenance and other operating require- ments. The Rotork solution provides further flexibility to the IQ actuators. Features include secure Bluetooth non- intrusive setting and commissioning, an information-rich display, real-time status reporting and configurable data logging to provide detailed analysis of the valve condition and asset management support.

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