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UK stainless steel supplier becomes N’Genius pipeline product distributor

N’Genius Series enables engineers to use the same type of material that meets the requirements of virtually every pipeline and piping package. It’s the total system material solution.

more expensive nickel alloys and high alloy stainless steels. With outstanding strength and corrosion resistance combined with excellent ductility and toughness at ambient, sub-zero and cryogenic temperatures, the N’Genius Series is a good choice for pipeline and piping systems in sectors including energy, chemical and petrochemical, hydrogen, LNG, defence and aerospace. European-based stainless steel producers are conducting Manufacturing Procedure Qualification Tests with a view to providing N’Genius grades in various product forms. Dr Ces Roscoe, CEO of N’Genius Materials Technology, said: “The limitations of many materials utilised on certain projects almost forces engineers to specify completely different alloys that aren’t always compatible with one another. “With such a vast range of grades – all of them high strength austenitic – the

A steel manufacturer and stockist has reached an agreement to sell and distribute pipeline and piping packages with products made from the N’Genius Series of high strength austenitic stainless steels. Headquartered in St Helens, UK, Project Pipeline Supply (PPS) provide pipes, fittings, flanges, components and specialist equipment to the offshore oil & gas, process, renewables and defence industries. This unique agreement will allow PPS to offer customers total packages of products made using the N’Genius Series, fulfilling an important step in the supply chain for major projects around the world. As a complete family of grades, N’Genius represents a wide selection of new high-performance materials which are far superior than conventional austenitic stainless steels – commonly known as the 300 Series – and a cost-effective alternative to UK-based stainless

N’Genius Materials Technology

David Toone (left) and Dr Ces Roscoe (right)



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